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lunadecasaMarch 15, 2007

My cat has taken to peeing in & spraying around several of my many houseplants.....what can I do/use to stop her and get rid of the smell in the soil. I am very diligent about cleaning the areas but she keeps going back to them.

She does use the litter box so it's not like she doesn't know where it is...........thanks

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keep a spray bottles filled w/ water all over the house so you can grab them quickly & squirt her from afar whenever she even looks like she's thinking about the plants.

since cats hate to be wet, she'll soon stop this behavior. danzer2.

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ara133(central PA)

The water spraying idea is a good one...

Also, you could try crumpling up large pieces of foil and putting them in the pots, most cats don't like to walk on it. Screening material (cut a round piece, then you can cut a slit in it and a hole in the middle, like a Christmas tree skirt, to put it around the plant stem) can also work.

If the plants are suffering from the cat pee you could try adding a little bit of vinegar to correct the pH...

For covering up the smell, most cats hate citrus so after you clean everything, maybe use some citrus car spray (my fiance has one and it smells really LOUD, so as long as your room isn't too small... ha ha!)? My parents gave me some stuff called X-O (I looked it up, here's a link: - that stuff is really effective at getting rid of odors.

Then of course there's the traditional cat odor cover up for carpet mistakes (I've used mine up so I don't remember the brand... green bottle) - I bet that would work as well.

Good luck!!

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Can you take your plants to a sink (other than kitchen :)) and fill them to the brim with water several times over until you've flushed the urine from the soil?

The is a product called Boundary that is an effective indoor/outdoor cat repellent you could spray on the outside of your pots - it's likely your cat would steer clear of your potted plants. My neighbor bought it when she brought home a new cat, and her resident neutered Persian became territorial and began spraying on her $$$Persian carpet.

I tried the Boundary (about $11 where pet supplies are sold, PetSmart, PetCo etc) on the large planters on my front porch, also sprayed the top more cats on my porch.

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