Bird of Paradise Flowers

byron_1(z10FL)March 16, 2014

Does anyone knows how to prevent Bird of Paradise flowers from getting brown spots on the orange petals. I have searched search engines, and none of them seem to have anything on this subject.

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I'm a rookie at this plant, and I have brown spots on the leaves. Might be a bit too much water. Is the root ball pretty wet?
Several of the lower leaves were turning yellow, it was because of a very moist root ball. I removed the plant entirely, left it out of the soil for about 30 minutes, then replanted and made sure the soil was even with the root ball, not above it. This was this past weekend. Today was a vast improvement.

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This is a better shot. It's a decent size, I bought it about 1 month ago, 6-8 leaves. It has over 2 dz already, then the yellowing began.

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