Mikado aka syngonanthus chrysanthuus care?

rosebuddy(z5Ont)March 30, 2013

Just home from picking up my spring seed for the vegetable garden and at the cashier there were plants that I had never seen before so of course one came home with me! I've googled it and know it is a swamp plant that likes humidity. Do I keep it in a saucer constantly filled with water or would that be too much. Anyone with any tips from their own experience (good or bad) would be appreciated. Also does it like to be fertilized? The directions that came with it say to fertilize regulary but I never know what that might mean. Thanks

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I have no experience with this plant, but I've always wanted to try one. I did do some research on it a while back and have heard it's a VERY difficult plant to keep alive...I think the few people that did manage to keep it alive kept it in a terrarium. Good luck with it, if it does good for you, let me know so maybe I'll change my mind and order one.

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Two weeks in and ii's doing great. Sending up new flower stalks. I've been keeping it in a saucer of water which it drinks up quite quickly with the occasionally spell of no water for a few hours to a day. but no more than that. Will keep you posted.

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