Song of India.

pealow12701March 4, 2011

Got a Song of India, 3 stems, in HD for half price .It was bone dry. I gave it a good drink and put it 2 feet away from a west facing window. It has begun dropping lower leaves to where there are 6 inches of bare stem. Will all the leaves fall like this or does it have a chance. I can put it on the deck in summer but it is still in the twenties where I live. Can I keep it alive indoors?

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Pealow. Which color Song of India do you have? Green, green/dark yellow, or green/gold foliage?
For some reason, green/gold is fussiest, needs more humidity and less water than the other two colors. Yes, Songs can definately be grown indoors. 20-50F degrees is too cold to place outside. If and when you do, temps should be in the 60's minimum, in a very shady spot.

If there was a problem with your Song from the start, 'before you brought it home,' that could be the reason it's having problems. I'm familiar with HD's employee's work.

How bright is your west facing window? Songs do well in bright shade to bright light, but direct west, especially summer sun can and will burn the leaves.

What type of pot is your Song in?

For starters, take it to the sink, give leaves a thorough hosing. If its soil is wet, aim for leaves, don't moisten soil if it's wet.

Check for pests. Mites, Mealy and Scale.

My Song is in an 8" diameter, deep pot, gets a drink once every 3 or so weeks, less in winter. If soil is wet for prolonged periods, leaves yellow and drop, rot will set in.
When the soil is completely dry, 'lift pot, if it's light in weight, it needs a drink. Or stick a stake/piece of wood into the soil. If the stick comes out wet/caked with soil, wait a couple days and recheck. If the stick is dry, it's time to water.
Of course, soil shouldn't be bone dry, to the point soil cracks, either.

After its shower, set in bright light. Not too cold or hot a spot. 65-68F is perfect. Away from a heater/vent.

Does your Song have new growth? Do you see smaller leaves growing from stem tips or top? Toni

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Okay, I've got the green gold fussiest one. When I bought it the soil was completely dry top to bottom. I watered it thoroughly once about a week ago. It is in a plastic pot with a decorative pot outside with no drainage holes. I heated up a screwdriver and made about 8 holes in the bottom. There is new growth coming from the center of the rosettes and except for loss of lower leaves it looks quite good. It is next to a huge Warneckii and I mist them both 2 times a day. If I can get it to survive, I'll put it outside in May.

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Paula, of course, the prettiest of the three would be the fussiest. lol.
Good luck and keep misting. Toni

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