'Spider Plant' baby producing its own... baby?

plantomaniac08(8)March 4, 2014

I recently purchased a Chlorophytum comosum 'Green Bonnie' from a local BBS.

I just noticed this morning that one of the "babies" appears to be producing its own baby. How weird is that? It's rather difficult to photograph, but the "baby" that I have my fingers placed behind is the "Momma baby(?)" and you can see the little shoot with attached baby coming from it.

It appears that the rest of the stem that this "Momma baby" was growing on was cut, so I'm wondering if this isn't the baby that was growing on the end of the stem (I've had some 'Spider Plants' before that produce numerous babies up and down one stem).

I'm not sure that makes a difference at all, but perhaps by the stem being cut, it has forced this baby to produce a baby of its own (just a guess).


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I've noticed with mine that on some baby off shoots it will produce a long shoot with a baby on the end, then another long shoot with another baby and so on. It has a neat cascading effect. Most of these babies have their own roots and I've thought about separating and planting them on their own but the effect is really cool. On the same plant there's also 2 flower spikes. Maybe this one will turn into a flower spike?

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That's interesting that you've seen the same thing on your 'Spider Plant.' I've had a few before but never seen this happen. It sure is interesting! We shall see if the baby's baby makes another baby or a flower spike.


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