birdsnbloomsMarch 7, 2011

Is anyone other than me getting continuous Netflix pop-ups here on GW?

Everytime I click on a page, another pop-up, pops up. lol

It's a pain and a half. Thanks, Toni

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Make a note of what sort of computer you are using, operating system(s) etc. and ask the people at Computer Help Forum - GardenWeb for detailed instructions as to how to block these ads. I have never seen any ads on the computer I am using now.

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Toni, I am using Mozilla Firefox as my browser...I haven't had any pop-ups in two years. Best, it even blocks the pop-up ads that show when you watch video on a network channel's archive shows.

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Thanks to you both. I got a message that said, notify your service provider. I'm starting to think it's AT&T.

Three wks ago, our phone/computer were out. Turned out, at least the machanic said there was a short in an outside wire. The following wk, AT&T had to come back again..
I had my neighbors number, she had ours..So, when I got a call, the caller got her answering machine. and when I called out, my neighbors name popped up on their Caller ID..
I'm fed up w/AT&T. They want me to switch packages. I said 'NO' time and time again, plus, 'take me off your da*n mailing lists'..that lasted 5 days. Once again I'm getting emails and snail mail about that darn U-Verse..I wonder if this is being done intentionally. (paranoid.) If this keeps up, AND I HOPE THERE'S AN AT&T REP READING THIS, I will go elsewhere! Toni T

I'll try both methods..the thing is, Netflix only pops up on GW. That's why I started the thread..thanks much..

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Yep I get netflix also. And I also have at&t.
I don't get the emails but I do get the tree killing snail mail books, pamphlets etc.
I think I only get netflix here also...don't really keep track.

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Try a different Browser. I use one from Mozilla, the maker of Firefox, called Sea Monkey, and do not get any of those annoying Netflix popups.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Gang,

I get it too, only here at home where I have IE through Verizon. Infernal interruptions which I HATE!!!!!!!

I don't get it in the office which I'm sure is better pop-up blocked, firewalled etc.

Try not to be paranoid on this one Tony, I believe it's whatever ads & marketing cos. that IVillage has engaged w/ FWIW.

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penfold2(4b, MN)

Sometimes I forget this site even has ads, lol. I love my Firefox + Adblock Plus.

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Google Chrome is another very good browser with lots of options for blocking adware and the like.

I haven't seen an ad in forever... I use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. I also use Spybot S&D to clean out unnecessary adware, spyware and other bots and things picked up in my daily internet travels.

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Thanks again...My question is, how do I change browsers? lol.

Goblue. How often do Netflix windows pop up? As of now, there's 3 Netflix windows on my toolbar. Sometimes when I 'X' them out, then click on a link/thread/page, I get 'Page Cannot be Displayed.' Often, have to reboot.

Karen, yep, sounds and is paranoid, but this and a few other problems didn't start until AT&T tried selling me U-Verse. You wouldn't believe all that's been happening. W/the computer and phone.
Calling AT&T is a chore.. Waiting takes hours. Who knows if Reps use their real names. Anytime you call they ask if they can discuss new products. The last few times I said, NO! I don't want to change anything nor do I want to add, 'spend more money.' Our bill is high enough..200 for phone/net/Dish per month..Dish is Basic.

Thanks again, All, Toni

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I think they popup just the first time when coming to the it just did. I immediately kill it but don't have the other problems you have mentioned.

I think it is IE and I just don't want to change to another broweser especially Google and their snooping and politics.

Toni, (not sure if you are serious or not) but for another browser, most are free, just google them and download from their site or a reputable site. is one. Most when installing will ask you if you want to make it your default browser or some will just do it.
You might check for some other tools such as spyware, adware etc. You might have a bigger problem.

And yes PG is right about GW and their ads. Its whoever pays them the most, I've had other popups on this site also.

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Goblu..called AT&T after receiving two emails saying they were having technical difficulties. And to try again later.

I phoned. Told them if this continues I will find another phone/computer company.
I talked to 3 Reps, all read their annoying sales pitch.. change my package to U-verse. I repeated what I've said at least a dozen times the last two months. 'NO.' Also told and emailed them, take me off the sales lists.

Goblue, yes, I was very serious about my browser, lol.
I like Yahoo as my Home Page, 'is Yahoo a brower' because email is handy, news, local weather and I trust it.
But if changing will stop the Netflix pop-ups, it's worth changing.

Regular ads are bad enough, but understanding, they're what keeps GW running..popups are different, especially when there's 3-4 opened at one time.

This wkend, I'll do scanning, etc..Thanks again, Toni

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Toni, if you go to, or click my link below you can download and install the newest version of Firefox. Then you can set as your Home Page. You can also go to Google, click on 'more' then 'even more' and download Google Chrome. Just some suggestions.


Here is a link that might be useful: Firefox 3.6

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Toni, nope Yahoo is not a browser...they might like to think it is. Years ago sbc had a sbc/yahoo browser they liked people to think it was, but it really was just IE.
You can do what Christopher said download just about any free browser...Firefox, Google Chrome and stil have Yahoo as your home page. I'm assuming Google chrome will allow that...they are competitors.
I have a Yahoo home page like you with all kinds of news, sports, weather etc so I know what you mean, but it should work with any browser.

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I use Firefox with the Ad Block extension. No ads! I HATE ADS.

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I do too, Toni. You can have any home page you want. I use Firefox with Ad Block, Flash block. Spywareblaster, Malwarebytes, SuperAntispyware. I also use WOT which is another add-on from Firefox which warns you about dangerous sites. I get no ads at all, nor any pop-ups or flash ads.

The Computer Forum is a great place to visit on Garden Web with very helpful people who will straighten out any problems you run into. Drop over and tell them what is happening. They are the greatest.


Here is a link that might be useful: Computer Forum

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni, everyone kept telling me to use Firefox, I finally tried it and love it, I stopped coming to GW because of all the ads....using Firefox I could come back. It is also faster.

Yahoo is also my homepage. Just imagine faster and no ads.

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So far, today, no Netflix..thank God. I updated, scanned, so far so good.
I really want to thank everyone here for helping.

Yes, the ads are annoying. Ads on pages are bad enough, but pop ups are a pain in the a$$.

I sometimes have a similar problem on Ebay. A window pops up asking for my zip code..I X it out, but as soon as another page is opened, it pops up again.

We might get a different provider..too many problems w/AT&T lately. Toni

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Just came to check on this thread and no netflix ad...must be someone got the hint! lol!
I am thinking about trying firefox...hopeing I can import my favorites...

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Goblue, I changed to Firefox when IE would not let me play Farmville on Facebook. I found that I really liked it a lot.
And it does have AD BLOCK PLUS, which you can set up to keep all those irritating popups away.

It seems to me that it found my favorites and imported them, but then I cannot remember that far back.

I once had ATT, dropped the phone AND the DSL, and now use Comcast for everything.

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Toni, I had ATT and never had these issues when using Mozilla's Firefox along with Adblock. It really may solve all your problems and you won't have to change your provider.

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