Spots on Lady Palm

megank413March 3, 2011


I have a beautiful Lady Palm that my husband and I love. There are some spots on the leaves that are starting to concern me. They have been there pretty much since we got the plant about a year ago and I've never had any problems with them. I had to pull off a leaf with some of the spots on it because it was dying this morning and now I'm paranoid. Here are some pics:

Any ideas what's causing the spots? I water the plant about every 1-1.5 weeks and always test the soil before I water. I also make sure there is no standing water in the tray after watering (I've had many plants suffer root rot, so I've learned my lesson... hopefully).

Thanks so much in advance!


PS- Please let me know if there are any problems with copying/pasting the links. This is my first time providing links to pictures.

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Megan. Your links work fine.

When you test the soil, how deep do you insert finger/stake to determine if the soil has dried?

The spots don't look like a bacterial disease.

Unless it's genetic, is it possible you're over-watering?
What size is the container? Toni

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Thanks for the reply Toni. The pot is 12 inches, which is about an inch bigger than the one it came in. When I water, I stick my finger in up to my second knuckle, which is about an inch and a half. I haven't seen any other signs of over-watering (leaf curl, leaf yellowing, wilting, stems getting mushy, etc). Can spots be a sign of over-watering?

There's one group of leaves that have had spots as long as I can remember, but they haven't taken over the leaf. I'm just worried that the spots are what caused my one leaf to dry up. Is it something to worry about if it's a genetic problem?

Thanks again, Megan.

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Hi Megan. I hate to sound like the voice of doom, but if it's genetic, yes, it is a problem.
'I've bought plants with genetic issues before. They'll survive, but need extra care.'

Does the entire palm have spots or one section/stem? I viewed your pictures, but it was hard to tell. Toni

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