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JonnyMMarch 23, 2013

Hi I bought this plant a month ago but cant remember what the shop assistant said it was! Its been struggling a bit and loosing leafs and would like to help it recover with the help of an ID

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Hi Jonny.

Your plant is a braided, Pachira aquatica..Common name, Lucky Bamboo or Money Tree.

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Wow quick! many thanks Im a plant newbie!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Jonny,

Nice plant, I agree it's a Pachira, common name Money Tree.

Pls. if I may, I've only ever seen Lucky Bamboo used for Dracena, not Pachira, whose only common name I've seen used is Money Tree. I just don't wish to add more common name confusion to the mix. Another common reason to try & avoid common names where possible.

Jonny, it's likely to be a drainage problem, related to whatever kind of mix it's in do you know? There's some good reading around here about mixes & fast drainage. You may wish to read around some & search other Pachira posts here, now that you have its name. Good luck w/ it.

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