[Sweetcorn] What On Earth? [Sweetcorn]

gltrap54July 11, 2012

Try as hard as I might, my sweetcorn is getting worse with each passing year....... Planted 4 30' rows of Peaches & Cream & this is what I wind up with........ These ears aren't fully developed, but some of the silk had browned, so they are close.

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Instead of four thirty foot rows do eight fifteen foot rows.

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You must have had some really bad weather during pollination to get such poor kernel fill on a planting of that size. Maybe the next ears will be better. My early corn was just finishing setting ears when the Big Wind came, so I'm not sure what I'm going to see when I start harvesting the ears in a few days. Ah, diversity. My maincrop corn is just starting to tassel.

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grandad_2003(9A/sunset 28)

Weather conditions is the likely guess but it could also be related to plant density -- might be a bit low. What is you row width and plant spacing? ... I generally have good result with 4 rows at 28 ft lenght.

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Thanks folks! Weather is prolly the culprit! The heat here in NE Kansas has been unbearable! Rows are about 30" apart with plant spacing at about 10-12"......... I've never seemed to have much luck with growing sweetcorn, but being a hard headed German, I continue to plant it! LOL

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Your question made me go looking to see if corn pollen is like tomato pollen and affected by high heat. The answer seems to be yes. Here's a link from Purdue Hort. that I think might cover what you are experiencing... This year :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Drought and heat stress of corn

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Thanks for the link sunnibel7! Sure looks like you're right...

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

I have gotten perfect pollination on the first two plantings even though dry and very hot lately. I shake the stalks a couple times a days when pollinating. I suggest doing that early and late in the day when not so hot [10 and 6].

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With that spacing you can plant the individual plants five to six inches apart with no problem.

That is the usual spacing I use on my sweet corn and have don so for over thirty years.
Last year for some reason my corn simply did not germinate and of dozens of plants total eight grew to usable size.
I moved the survivors into a three-two-three pattern closely spaced and got complete pollintaion on all eight plants

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I am sewing some sweet corn seeds and when reading information on the subject I see that two seeds should be planted in each module and when they sprout remove the weakest one but it doesn't say why - does anyone know why you should remove the weakest one ?
and would it make any difference if I only planted one seed per module and what would happen if I planted two seeds per module and left them both to grow ?
All info greatly appreciated

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Simon, growing corn in the British Isles is a whole different deal from over here since you never get serious heat that corn likes. Over here not many people bother with starting indoors.

You'll get better advice if you find people in the UK who have grown sweet corn.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

The sowing 2 seeds per module advice is just in case some don't germinate. But germination is quite high so it's not compulsory. If you leave two in the module they just won't develop into such big plants. BTW it's far too early to be starting sweet corn yet, especially given the miserable spring we're having.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sweet Corn

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