Pepper problems

hidesertCA(8)July 12, 2012

Can anybody tell me what is wrong with my pepper plants. The leaves don't look to good at all. I have pictures up that should help identifying the problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pepper pictures

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its a watering issue. im having the same problem. i watered and then it rained. oops need to let it dry out and wilt a little before i water again.

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enviromental stress

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It might be over fertilization. I've been using fertilome blooming and rooting plant food 9-59-8 plant food every other week along with epsom salt every other week. I've also used foli-cal once. The plants are growing new leaves and they all have blossoms so at least growth is not stunted. It is weird though because my tomatoes are doing good, along with my serrano pepper and bell pepper I bought from a nursery (the other 3 in the pictures I bought from a big box store) so maybe it's just something with those plants....

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howelbama(7 NJ)

I think it may be over fertilization as well. Especially using a fert with P levels that high. I would not fertilize them for a month and see how they do.

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I agree, I think you may be over fertilizing. We use 5-1-1. Using high amounts of nitrogen will give you beautiful plants but not fruit.

Our garden is probably 3/4 pepper plants, consisting of 26 pepper plants. All of which seem to be doing well. They are about an average of 3' tall and producing many peppers.Peppers are very persnickety they do not like extreme heat. If the temps. get above 90 degrees they do not like it. The temps. here have been between the upper 90's and 100 degrees for a couple weeks now. However, we have been fortunate enough to have rain here and there.

Hope you figure it out, good luck. They can be a pain but if you like peppers it is worth the effort. :)


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