Not very purtty-- ;)

Lamora(4)March 30, 2013

But it works for what we have.. look what my DH put up for my little green family!! They get the morning sun, shade in the afternoon, plus he put up a shelf on the porch so when the morning sun gets a bit too warm~~ and it will (after all the griping about the cold! can't win, lol)

Not sure what daddy thinks of it, but he hasn't said anything either. (his carport) The little girl next door loves it, she will help me bring them in at night, if she's home.

But this works for now,, PLENTY of room for MORE!! lol

Marjie~~ very happy right now~ :)

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

Good for you!!!! you were able to move your plants outdoors. it is so warm i see yellowjackets outside

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Marjie. I'm sure when you're happy, your DH is happy.. :)

The shelf is an excellent idea.

How cold do nights get? Maybe some plants can stay out???

Your collection has really grown! I remember when you first joined. Think you had 1 Spider...??

Your plants look great...what's the 3rd, 'left to right' hanging plant?

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Hello all!

I was wondering the same thing. I am in zone 5 and it is still too cold at night to stick anything outside.

How cold does it get there? Is it warm enough to leave them outside day and night? If so, lucky you!


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Hello all!

I was wondering the same thing. I am in zone 5 and it is still too cold at night to stick anything outside.

How cold does it get there? Is it warm enough to leave them outside day and night? If so, lucky you!


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Hi...where are you in zone 4, I'm in zone 4 too...MN
and we have snow on the ground yet, although it is getting warmer, we were arround 50' yesterday and now today it is very cold.....your plants look great and the set up is going to be great for the summer.....I can't wait to get my plants outside and wash them all down with the garden hose......good growing all..Hi Mike.....linda

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Hi all.. Preston ID is where I am. Very lowest part of the state.... At night it gets to the upper 30's, lower 40's. So yes, they do come in at night. Right now it is barely 50F and they are inside. Yesterday they were out for only a few hours before the wind got a bit too much, and the temp dropped. Not sure if they will go out today. My smaller spider didn't look too good when we brought her in last night, thinking it wasn't warm enough yet for her to be out. She looks much better this morning...

Hopeful, if it is the one i think you're talking about, it is my Hindu Rope Hoya, looks like the only 3rd one you can see, there was one hanging behind the Big Mama Spider that you can't see and another one next to it that is too small to see too. The Spider plant isn't hanging, tho it looks like it is. Is that the one you were talking about? if not, let me know. :)

I remember when I came here too, and my mama spider was not doing well at all!! look at her now!! Thanks to everyone here and kicking me in the head about just letting it be... it worked-- lol, And if things go ok this summer, My little green family will grow, but right now, it is a wait and see thing, not sure what will happen next. To me it is like getting a new pet, can you take care of it in a long term deal?

and yes, dh is happy when I am happy. :D (plus it gave him something to do-- lol)

I hope that all of you will have a Great Day! Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate it. Not sure If I will see mom today, hope I do, but daddy wants to take her out for a ride, first time she has been out of the nursing home since Jan. I hope she has a good day, even if she won't remember it. that is my hope for today...

Marjie ~~ misses her mom being home

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Belated Happy Easter,

Marjie, guess the plant I asked about was 4th. To the right of Hindu Rope, but hanging.

Yep, you were having problems w/your Spider.

Is the very first plant, 'left' a Spider?

You said getting a new plant is like getting a new pet.

Plants need work, but nowhere near as much as pets.
With plants, you can leave the house w/o worrying if it will pp or duty the carpet. lol
No can/dry/moist food. One type is fine. Lasts a lot longer, too. lol.

Giving DH's something to do is a BIG plus. If they agree to do it, and do it

Did you get to see your mom? How's she doing?
I don't know much about the problem she has, but isn't there medications that work w/o side effects?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

That's really cool! I'm so happy for you!

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Hi again, been having MAJOR internet problems lately, on a good note- not on our end of it this time!! lol

Hopeful- from the right of the Hindu Rope there is a Thanksgiving cactus then a Sweedish Ivy.

been a bit chilly for them these past few days, not quite 60 atm, but breeze is cooler. When we brought them in on the day of the picture, my little spider didn't look too well, all faded and wilty like, (looked much better the next day) so I'm not sure if it was the sun or if it was a bit too chilly for it, but it was the only one that reacted badly.. all the others seem to really enjoy it. Will have to see about putting them out again today... boy, what I would do for a WAGON right now! lol

And I did see mom on Easter and it was a very good visit. They had a Sunday Service there and she actually wanted to go!! And I have seen her almost every day after that.

She has Dementia, so far she is doing good with the meds, still confused, but she knows us still, and she really wants to come home. She can't understand why she is there and that is the saddest part of this whole thing, leaving her alone... a lot of times we will leave her crying, but the nurses say within a few mins she is fine and going about her business. On a good note tho, My dad has been taking her out for short rides now that the weather is nice, she really likes that and responds well to it... :)

Thanks for asking about her, problem is, I don 't know when to stop talking about her.. I miss her being here. So I talk when asked.. :)


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