ZZ plant help

jez00iMarch 22, 2013

Hi all!

I have had a ZZ plant in a North facing window for over a year...it is still very much alive however, i noticed the leaves are not as shiny or plump as they were when i initially got it. Any thoughts?

thank you!

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Hi Jez00i, maybe your ZZ needs more sun.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I don't believe ZZ plants are naturally shiny & I grow several of them (grown from single leaves). Nor are they plump, are you sure it's a ZZ you're talking about?

Dusty, but not too shiny & not plump; it's the plant in the back. Is that what you've got?

Has it been watered recently?

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pirate_girl, yes thats the plant! yours looks just like mine...
the image i posted is not mine...but see what i mean about shiny? I think plump was a wrong term...

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jez00i, the new leaves do have a gloss; which dulls a bit with time and that pervasive film of dust. There is a 'skinny' type of duster (not the feather duster) which fits rather well along the "V" formed by the leaflets and rachis. An up down motion does restore some of the luster to the plant.

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thank you, ronalawn82!

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