Fiddle Leaf Fig losing all of its leaves...HELP!

alyssa_c(7a)March 2, 2013

I purchased the tree at the end of August from a local nursery, it was wrapped in burlap and laid in the back of a truck for transport to my house. It was healthy and full when it first arrived. I was advised to delay re-potting from the nursery pot and not to fertilize until the tree was acclimated to its new environment. The first week it dropped a handful of leaves, and then for months slowly and steadily kept dropping more. The branches that are bare are very brittle and now there are only a handful of leaves left on one branch (as you can see from the photo)! I've read that it should not be over watered, so I wait until the soil is dry. It still has not been fertilized. There are also some brown spots on the leaves that appeared when my brother was house sitting for us over Christmas. These have improved slightly since, but are still there.

Is there anything that I can do? Help! Thank you all in advance!

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I would contact the nursery, it looks almost dead to me, see if they will replace it for you

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I will call them and ask. Do you think there any chance that it can regrow the leaves?

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If the branches are as brittle as you say, that's not good. See what the nursery has to say. I'm sure others here will have some advice for you too.

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Thanks so much for your help!

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

oh my. ficus naturally drop leaves when moved. but not like this. this is usually accoctiated with ficus benjamina

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