is this a bird of pardise?

cynandjon(Z 5/6)March 30, 2011

I picked this plant up at the grocery store for 9.99 but the tag only said green foliage plant. Im hoping someone can ID it.



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It certainly looks like my "BOP" Bird of Paradise- 'Strelitzia Nicolai' which is the white flowering version with wide rounded leaves.

You got a good deal!
Billy Rae

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

Thanks Billy Rae, I seen them in HD for 40.00 and lowes for 29.00. It was 15 at the grocery store then reduced.
Now Im running out of room in my house. I will have to get rid of some furniture!! LOL
THanks for your response.

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What a steal! I've always liked those, but they get WAY too big for my house, so I'll have to wait until I move into my dream house that has a 4 season room.

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

Thanks Joe. We just moved into this house. Its a little bigger then our old house. We havent finished the upstairs yet so I will have more room upstairs. It has a high celing so I can put tall plants up there. I always wanted one but I didnt realize there were different varities. I need to know more. LOL

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Congrats on your find!

Is there anyway to get them to flower? Do they ever flower at all?

I just picked one up tonight and I have yet to see any one flower for me.

Is there a secret, or must one buy them already in flower, and or do they have to be in the ground or on some tropical island to do so?

Has anyone ever bought one like that and had it flower eventually?

Thanks a lot.

That plant is beautiful Cin, even if it should never flower!


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The BOP with the orange and purple flowers does not do well for me as a houseplant. The kind you have ( the white flowering type) that will never flower for me in the my house, does great as a houseplant!

Mine got too awkward to get out of the room with the 10 ft ceiling and spend summer on the porch, so that plan didn't work out for me.
Mine hasn't grown much since it left home depot. It is 2 plants sharing the same pot. Each puts out 1-2 leaves per year. So get a big one- if you want a big one as they don't change size at least not in my house.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Your BOP looks like a nice big one to start out with! I bought mine about 15 or so yrs ago which was less then a foot tall for about $5.99, unfortunately, it's a single plant (should have bought more to add to the the pot) So far no flowers, even thought the owner of the plant nursery said that the "white flowering" BOP flowers more easily indoors then the the orange and purple one would, well, so far nothing, but that's ok, I wanted it for the huge leaves anyway, although the flowers would be a nice bonus:)
Maybe some day!

Good luck with yours!
Billy Rae

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

Thanks Mike, Im considering a grow light. Even if it never blooms, I love foliage plants.

Cheerpeople, Good to hear it does well as a foliage plant. That's fine, Have you tried any type of grow light? Im curious if it would make a difference.

BillyRae Thanks, Im hoping it does well and surprises me. LOL A girl can dream cant she. LOL Even if it doesn't bloom, that's fine. I have large windows but my house is curved so unfortunately they don't get sun all day.

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So far 3 years with a few White BOP. No flowers yet. I plant them outside every year then repot them in the Fall. They are currently about 7 feet tall and quite heavy so I have to add some weight to the top of the pots to keep it from tipping. Very beautiful though and best of luck with yours.

By the way here in VA all the big box stores carry these. They do not bloom in the stores here though. But all the big box stores in SC carry these as well and I catch them in bloom every year late August. Maybe they require a certain amount of days over a certain temperature to trigger bloom...? If anyone north of SC gets these to bloom then I would love to hear the trick(if there is one :)


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