I wanted to share my gardenia in flower!

meyermike_1micha(5)March 2, 2013

I thought I would share one of my best plants...The buds have been swelling for weeks and finally with the length of sunlight, they are responding well. Yahoo.!

This is my braided one I've been working with for over a year, while the other plain ones are still making buds.

I took it outside to clean it off now that it was finally warm enough and noticed two completely different looking buds too!

Two different looking flowers on my same plants. Last year I did not have this.

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Very purtty!! Spring came to your house real nice :)

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By golly there is room for another pot or two ! Is a two for one gardenia a good thing or what ?

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so beautiful

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Hi Mike...great looking plant, lots of flowers...good growing, and thanks for posting.....linda

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Wow fabulous! I have a beatiful gardenia shrub that went through a wave of blooms, knowing that they like spring temps with humidity I am expecting it to bloom again, Im also curious about it because I have leaves that are turnign yellow, some with green spots that are becoming dead and fallin off. Is it a watering issue? and how often do you water yours?

thanks! these are the best smelling flower on the planet!

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

Gardenias are one of the trickiest indoor plants to grow. They are also one of the prettiest

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Hello and thanks everyone for your kind words.

I wish you could all smell this plant! It is for some reason opening up all at once, something I have never been able to do until now.
Now, I have a few others that are just setting bud, and one that is about to open too.

I have a Tahitian gardenia setting buds that I can't wait to see in flower! It sure has been a long winter for all of them and I am so grateful that just as soon as they start to get sick of trying to hang on, they perk up right about now, right before the first day of spring!

Wes, you like that? lol. Yup, a two for one deal.
I think too that it's braided with two different species and the second species is finally letting me see some flowers.


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delreytropical, I think with the gardenia yellowing leaves are a chlorosis problem, watering with limey water or even potting in a non-acid compost. I know it helps if you boil your water and let it cool before watering your plant.

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Gaddah love it Mike it's not everyday we get to see a genetic mutt in action.
No doubt you've done a great job growing it, keep it going..

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AsarumGreenPanda(z6 MA)

That is so pretty, Mike. I love that you have two different types of flowers. I bet it smells amazing, opening all at once. Just curious: is it in a greenhouse, or a house?Thanks for posting pictures.


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Thanks so much, definitely will change the way i water, and thanks again Mike for the beautiful pictures! What inspiration!

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