Mixed planting? Spathiphyllum and Epipremnum aureum

ozarkia(6b-ish)March 28, 2013

Hi everybody,

I'm not usually one for mixed plantings. I don't do outdoor gardening (unfortunately) so I haven't even messed with mixed herbs/annuals/etc. Each individual or species gets its own pot.

But I'm sitting here looking at "Marble Queen" pothos cuttings next to a peace lily in bloom. The white (of the pothos leaves and the spath blooms), green, and leaf shapes seem pleasing together (to me anyway). They get darn near the same light/water/temp/soil treatment (from me anyway).

So, hypothetically, what if one were to, say, slap a spath in the center, put "Marble Queen" cuttings around the edges to dangle, and placed the whole mess on a pedestal?

I doubt I'd do it -- I'm probably more happy just seeing them near each other in their own pots -- but now that I've had the idea, it's going to bug me. Aesthetics aside, y'all got some reasons why it wouldn't work, or would work poorly?

On second thought, feel free to chime in on whether it'd look tacky, too!

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P.S. If it's a basically generic peace lily that's 30-ish years old, is it probably S. wallisii?

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

You don't need to have them in the same pot to present them together. You could get an outer container and put several plants (still in their individual pots) in it and pack the space between with peat or potting soil. I have done this using an old china bowl from a Victorian washstand. The plants growing near each other create a nice humid atmosphere. In fact I prefer plant groupings from an aesthetic point of view to individual pots. But that could be because I am essentially a gardener not a plant collector.

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Ooh, that's a great point! Hmmm. Maybe an outer pot with sphagnum fluffed around/over the inner pots? Would that create any mold problems or anything? :-/ I'd like something I can still drench/flush pretty easily.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Spaths want much more water than pothos so I would not put them together in the same pot but would do as Flora suggests.

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Huh. Maybe I overwater my pothoses, then. For the last year or two I've grown both in basically a slightly damp bark-based orchid mix (if I recall correctly there's some aquarium gravel in there too, and I recently procured a bag of Turface so we all know where that's heading). Hm. Well, crap.

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