Replacing my chinese evergreen

MojaveLove(5 - IL)March 29, 2011

Over the weekend I repotted a plant that I potted up after a chinese evergreen that I bought, in the same potting medium. This particular plant's soil had mushrooms and icky bugs in it, to my surprise. I do not like these types of things, especially in my house, which is why I am switching everything to the gritty mix.

Anyway, I know it seems ridiculous but I am too much of a chicken to repot my chinese evergreen. I know the bugs are going to be much worse in that one and I don't want my other half to know about the bugs because then I'll never be able to have any more plants is a sad example of a chinese evergreen anyway so I am either going to give it away to a braver soul or toss it. I normally am against tossing but this is a rare exception. It probably is infested to be completely honest after what I saw over the weekend with the other plant.

Anyway, I guess I am looking into some other foliage plant to replace it - it is indoors of course and is right next to the window and when the shades are closed very bright light shines through the slats, kind of like a canopy. No dracenas or palms, it needs to be shorter. I guess, just toss out foliage plants you like and I'll look into them :)

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Hi Mojavelove. Mushrooms and bugs..yuck.
Where did you buy this plant? Can you return instead of tossing? Place in a bag, wear thick, long garden gloves, lol, 'I HATE bugs, too,' then return to the store?
Why pay for something you're going to toss?

There are numerous Aglaonemas/Chinese Everygreens. In greens, silver, reds, and yellows.
Since you chose the Aglo in the first place, why not try finding another?

Here's a few I bought over the years

As you can see, there are quite a few varieties, and Aglonemas are not difficult growing indoors. They do well in very bright shade to indirect light.

Well, these are my suggestions...How have you been? Toni

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

I have been good :) just busy with work, more responsibilities which is good!

After I saw them nasty things I did EXACTLY what you suggested lol! I got it from HD - never again. After that I'm no longer getting anything over a 4" pot from there. Blech.

I really like that first one!! What kind is it?

I also kind of tossed around the idea of a fern, are those a big pain?

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Toni - what is the name of the one before last.....the white splash one? That's nice! Well, they're ALL nice. Did you order that one from the same place as the reds?

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Mojave..I'm glad you got a promotion, but miss seeing you online. You must be too tired to turn on the puter after a long day at work. I sympathize with you.

The first Aglao is called A. Stripe. Got it on Ebay, (US seller) but they're sold locally, too. In fact, your favorite store, HD, had a bunch of Aglaos on sale. lol.

Pesche's had a true beauty in stock the last time we went. (NOID species,) but they wanted 35.00 for an 8"er.. Had to pass it up.

There used to be quite a few plant stores on Clark, Lincoln, Ashland...they had very nice Aglaonemas, but again, pricy.

Hey Elkay..haven't seen you around much either..Is everyone hybernating? lol.

The Aglao is A. 'White Diamond.'
Actually, White Diamond and the reds with little, white tags came from Thailand. I love this sellers plants!
In fact, I plan on adding more Aglaos once temps warm up.
I wrote out a whole list, lol, but there's no way possible I can afford them, so I'm going to buy a couple at a time.
He has one called Satinwet, but it's 27.00!! It's one of the reddest Aglaos around.
However, tho Aglaos above were under 10.00 each. No complaints there.

BTW, if you gals ever decide to order from Thailand, please let me know..I'll give you the name of the nursery.
I've ordered from different Thailand sellers..
First time, my order took 6 months to get here..of course, the package arrived a couple days before Christmas, temps, 0-10F.
That order consisted of four Adeniums, Desert Roses. Two were dead. The seller figured what he did wrong. Customs kept the order for months..the box was beaten up by the time it arrived.

That's the risks when ordering overseas. But this seller now knows what to do..after the first incident, it never happened again..'Not w/this seller,' anyway.

Anyway, Mojave, I hope you find something nice. Don't just pick any old plant..if you can't find something locally, there's numerous online sites...Toni

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

I know, I've been neglecting GW! Not my plants though thankfully! I just need to figure out how to balance everything at work and once I do hopefully it'll be calmer. I like giving myself a few hours every day of relaxation or else I get super stressed, not the best at handling that.
I also noticed it has slowed down a bit, I'm sure it will pick up again soon when spring is in full swing and garden centers are back in business.

You're right about not "settling" on just anything. I keep forgetting about ordering online!

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I too get stressed when things need to get done. Yesterday, I started hauling plants to the sink for their shower...there's plants everywhere! lol
This makes me a wreck. I should get off the puter, but had less than 4 hours sleep...

Oh, there are so many wonderful online nurseries, that sell plants we can only dream about here in IL

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Toni, I ordered my two red ags from the same place in Thailand as you - I recognize the little ID tags. I thought the price was ok, but the shipping cost an arm and a leg! I didn't care because I wanted them so badly. I got them in about 3 days in great condition!

What kind of dog do you have?

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Hi Elkay...I'm sooo excited for you. Which Aglaos did you get? Too bad you can't take pics..what about names?
Did you pay the more expensive shipping? If so, yes, it's is costly..

We have two dogs. An English Mastiff and Shih-pu..What about you, any pets?

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Toni, I got "Anyamanee" and "Legacy". Yep, I paid about 40 bucks shipping. I can take pics - maybe you have me confused with someone else?

I have 4 dogs - all from Australian Shepherd mix, German Shepherd mix, Husky/Aussie mix and Border collie mix.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

$40 in shipping! Wow, but so worth it!


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Elkay, I went with the other shipping option..10.00. Plants arived about a week after ordering..all healthy.

Your Aglaos are true beautys. Very healthy and good size. Your Amy looks different than mine. Hmm.
Are you planning on ordering again?

Elkay, It's great you got your dogs from shelters. My Mastiff is very old..after he's gone, I plan on going to a shelter or the Anti-Crulty so my little guy, Coco has a friend.
Actually, Coco, was mentally and physically abused. I didn't plan on getting another pet..We also have 4 birds and an Iguana.
So, I adopted Coco on Chirstmas Day, brothers a Chicago Police Officer..he's the one who got hold of Coco.

Coco was locked in a little closet until the kids got home from school. When he had an 'accident,' he was thrown against walls, the time he weight 4lbs. It sickens me how anyone can do such a thing.
I love him so much..he's highly intelligent, and very affectionate, but it took a lot of work..he had a tude, distrusted people, and selfish with his possessions.

Thank God he's changed..he's still stingy, lol, won't allow Sam, 'Mastiff' near his toys or food.
The first night he came home w/me, I bought a little bed for him to sleep in. He didn't know what to do, so he looked for a closet.. 'repeating where he was used to living.'
Now he's sleeps in my little sweetie. Toni

PS. Elkay, I love your Aglos..great they over-wintering?

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Toni, I didn't know the red aglos are much fussier than the common green ones, so I didn't do anything special when I brought them in for the winter. In fact, the one I had by my sliding glass doors and I guess it didn't appreciate the cold when the door was opened because it started going down hill really fast. I have other plants all around it and they do fine there. The other one I put in the kitchen, too, but away from that door and it started losing leaves, also. I then put them in the room where my bird is - I keep it warm in there and have a humidifier in there, also. They stopped shedding leaves and the one even had a new leaf open last week. If they can hang on until I can put them outside, I think they'll be ok.

I'm glad Coco found his way to you - it sounds like he has a great life after starting out in a miserable situation.

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Elkay, most tropicals don't like icy temps. Some plants will freeze in seconds.

When I worked at Rentokil Tropical Plants, we'd get shipments throughout the year. When temps were 25F and under, we'd have to rush getting plants off the trucks, into the building.
When temps were in the single digits, it was a nightmare.

Some of my plants froze in the front plant room over the years..Certain plants are very cold sensitive.

Did your Aglo leaves discolor? Gray-black? Discoloration is a sign of frostbite. As long as roots don't freeze, plant should be okay, but if a door is opened frequently, allowing icy air to hit the plant, goodbye plant..

Your Aglo now thinks it's in, humidity..Hopefully your bird can't get to it, right?

Thank you..I'm glad Coco found us, too..Toni

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I have a chinese evergreen that I have had for years, it grows good and then seems to die out and comes back. Last summer it was beautiful outside on the porch. When I had to keep it inside all winter, it now looks bad. Would it help to repot with new soil and cut it all the way back and see if it grows better, or will it go into shock and die? Has someone ever had good luck doing this? Latter part of this week is supposed to be good for planting flowers according to almanac. Thanks for your help. I have it in a clay pot.

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