Zucchini with BER

lilacs_of_mayJuly 21, 2008

My first zucchini of the season, a round zucchini, looks like it's dying of blossom end rot. I'm so disappointed. I was looking forward to finally getting zucchini this year. Will all of them die of BER? Is there anything I can do? The FAQ talked about tomatoes and didn't hold out much hope. If a plant (zucchini, tomato, or otherwise) suffers from BER, will I get any healthy fruit from the plant? Or is that basically it for the plant? Should I pluck off the affected fruits and throw them in the trash?

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No they won't all die of BER. I am sure in no time you will be getting sick of all the summer squash like the rest of us ⺠Try to keep your soil evenly moist. Be sure to use mulch of some sort around your plants, this will help greatly with the moisture problem. You can remove fruit that are getting moldy.

As far as BER on tomatoes, that isn't a permanent condition for the plant either. Once in awhile I get a handful of tomatoes with BER, I just leave them on the plant and they continue to maturity. One tomato with BER certainly doesn't mean all tomatoes from that plant will get BER.

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

I keep seeing BER at these garden forums and haven't figured out what it means. Please enlighten this Newbie.


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rdback(Z6 VA)

B lossom

E nd

R ot

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Hmm, I didn't know that zucchini could get BER, but I looked it up and apparently they can. I just wanted to make sure that your zucchini were polinated, are they still tiny? Because when mine aren't polinated they eventually turn yellow at the tip and rot. If this is the case, then the next time you see a female blossom (the kind with the tiny fruit attached) you need to take a q-tip or brush and collect some of the pollen from a male flower (no tiny fruit just a long stem before the flower) and wipe it onto the girl parts of the female blossom. I check my zucchini every AM and hand polinate. It only takes a second, if I don't my zucchini look like they rot away too..and they stay very small.



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