Is everyone ok from WA State?

Lamora(4)March 25, 2014

Hi everyone-- I do hope nobody here is missing from that land slide in WA-- my daughter lost 4 good friends in that... she isn't dealing with it too well. Praying for everyone it effected.. such a very sad situation. (Makes my little problems seem petty...)

I do hope everyone in WA and anyone that knows anyone there, is alright. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.. ((hugs))

Marjie-- wishing she was with her daughter right now..

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I didn't think about putting this in another forum-- sorry if I did something wrong posting it here. This is the first forum I think of-- plant related or not-- seems to be the most looked at-- at least in my experience.. :)


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paul_(z5 MI)

Nothing wrong with posting it here at all Marjie.

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Nothing wrong at all..Please send your daughter my condolances..I am so sorry to hear of this..I hope everyone here is ok...

Thank you for the heads up Lamora..

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