what is the deal with aspidistra milky way?

zusyaMarch 19, 2013

This is the third 'Milky Way' cultivar I've bought over the last four years or so. And AGAIN, it suddenly has mealybugs. Obviously they were there when I bought it, but must have been in the really small stages, because I checked for them specifically!

Again, this is the third one I've tried, and the third one to have mealies! Maybe it's the cultivar, or maybe they have all come from the same janky supplier over the years.

I tried adding a small dose of bonide systemics, but it seems like the aspidistra doesn't like it; the leaves are browning up. I tried oil soap spray on one of the previous specimens, and that also killed all the leaves. Does anybody have experience fighting mealies on an aspidistra?

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Hi Zusya.

Were all three Aspidistras purchased at the same store?
What about location? Did you set each plant in the same spot?

Mealybugs are extremely hard to kill.
A couple of my Hoyas have mealy. I spray and wipe foliage with Rubbing Alcohol, but unless eggs are eliminated, mealy returns.

There are insecticides, 'if you don't mind chemicals,' that allegedly kill mealy and eggs.
I don't use chemicals, but have heard Bayer 'systemic' rids mealy and other insects.

I don't recommend chemicals, and unaware whether or not Bayer or any other insecticide will harm your Aspidistra. Asp roots are very sensitive to chemicals.

Have you tried Rubbing Alcohol? Toni

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