Moses Plant

luvofrosesMarch 21, 2009

Has anyone ever heard of a Moses Plant? My friend recieved one and has no idea of how to take care of it. Any help would be great.

Ann in Soutern Utah

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Could you mean a Moses in the Cradle plant, whose botanical name is Rhoeo?

Try a search for that & see if the pix match what you have, then you'll get an idea of its care.

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Hi I have a moses in the cradle or it is also called moses in the boat and you are right it is a Rhoeo, one is dark green with purple under leaves and the other is a light green and white stripes. both have flowers,that are low on the stem, and the flower looks like a boat/cradle with a little person in it....I keep mine in a south window and I get the dark colors and I water it when it drys out a bit...linda

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Linda, when its flowers fade, hundreds of little, black seeds develope. Let them drop. Instead of one Moses/Rhoeo, you'll have many. You can sow seeds if you're into sowing.
There's a few Rhoeo varieties..your light green with white stripe is either Rhoeo variegata or, Oyster Plant. (don't remember its species name) Oysters, for some reason, are more finicky than purple, green, purple and green or purple and silver, types. Have you noticed?

Ann, Moses in the Cradle/Boat love humidity..humidity and bright light.
Our conservatory has Moses growing on the bottom/ground floor. Because of the humidity, leaves grow long and thick. The way they should look. I wish mine looked half as nice. Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Can't we pls. wait 'til we hear back if this is the right plant before some folks start giving instructions? What's the big hurry here to instruct on what MAY be the wrong plant?

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Yes My friend said she believes that is the name that she was told and she said that her flowers look like boats. So she is going to give me a cutting so that I can one too. Humidty may be a problem since I am in the high desert but I will give it my best shot. I am usually doing African Violets so this will be a change. Thanks for all your input and helping me know the correct name.

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