The sans I bought a month ago...............

elkay_gwMarch 5, 2011

has sent up three babies already! I was thinking maybe I'd get one baby over the summer or something, but was really surprised to see three.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Sans happy dance


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Elkay, your Sans 'Moonlight' is looking good. For a Sans to grow 3 new leaves in a months time, considering they're slow-growing, you're doing something right.

Which direction is the window facing? What about fertilizing? Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

elkay, I picked a piece of that plant up off the ground on one of my business trips. It is the biggest multiplier plant I have ever grown. It grows like a weed. I know now why they had pulled it out.

The piece was in the street because the hotel where I was saying was cleaning up the flower bed and this plant was taking over. They were pulling it out and throwing it at the garbage can and if some missed they did not care. They just wanted to thin it out of the garden. I grabbed a piece and put it in my suitcase. LOL

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hopefulauthor......the window faces south - it sits about a foot away from the actual window. I haven't fertilized yet as I've only had the plant for about a month.

Marquest - I didn't know ANY sans grew that quickly!

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Marquest, was the piece, rooted?

Elkay...Well, for now, I wouldn't move it. It's doing terrific..looks good besides growing faster than any Sans I've seen or have. Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

"Marquest, was the piece, rooted?"

Yes Toni it was rooted. Because I wanted to pack it in my luggage I picked up one of the smaller plants. They had a barrel full of the plants they pulled out. It was very pretty planted in mass in front of the hotel.

Elkay, I only have 4 different Sans and this one is faster than any I grow, When I picked this up off the ground I did not know it was a San. LOL

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Elkay,

Congrats to you on the nice Sans. & its pups. I know that Sans. to be called Moonshine, same thing I'm sure, the pale green leaves that darken as they mature, sometimes the pale leaves have the dark green, pretty edge which I find so handsome.

I too am experiencing this on 3 different no ID Sans. that have come my way to adopt. It seems this is their time to have pups. Of these 3 orphans, all I did was change their mix & put them back into tightish pots, they've each had a pup in less than 3 months -- I too am sort of amazed.

I've got a no ID Sans. where a leaf broke the surface last Dec. & now measures 7". Pretty amazing, I hadn't realized (maybe) they're winter growers. This particular Sans is nowhere near a window, just a room w/ reasonable light when it's not cloudy.

I will say I am watering them all, every 7-10 days or so, more water than I'd normally give a Sans. over winter. But having learned that their leaves folding in half lengthwise indicated a need for water, I've ramped that up a fair amount w/ nice results.


I LOVE your Happy Dancers, especially their headgear. Can I ask where you found that art -- nicely funky!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

How's this version grab you?

Send me an email so I have your addy, & I'll forward it so you can save/upload it to use here as you like. Anyone else that wants it is welcome, too.

I beg a pardon for the cross-talk, Elkay.


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