An Aglaonema I'd Never Seen Before

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)March 20, 2013

Hi Folks,

I found this at a local BBS & grabbed it quickly, was the only one. I haven't seen it before. I've had it about a month & it seems very vigorous & easy.

It came w/ an accurate tag, w/ proper ID (Aglaonema White Lance), care instructions & notification it's a patented plant for which propagation is prohibited (including patent #). I was going to share it w/ my local plant society, now I wonder, tho' maybe I can GIVE it to them.

Anyway, it's a nice plant so far. I like these very elongated leaves, & the color contrast of the light green leaf center & dark green borders.

It turned out that there were 4 separate plants in the pot & I separated one for me, keeping these other 3 potted together 'til I give them away.

Here's the one I kept for myself.

Pretty cool to me, turns out to be a great deal, $12 for the pot or $3 for the one I've kept.

Has anybody seen this before? Any ideas on my sharing it free w/ the group? TIA.


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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

No I havent. I just want to say it is a rather pretty chinese evergreen. Authough Ive never seen a ugly variety

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The now-defunct Asiatica nursery sold these a few years back, and it's been a good, if not terribly fast, grower for me. I believe Asiatica introduced it from Thailand. The new shoots seem to come in much wider than the skinnier mature leaves, so don't panic and think it's reverting or something if that happens for you, too.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I see quilts on 2 walls, did you do those? Top pic, upper right, never seen that pattern before. What do you know about it?

Love that plant, never seen it either, pics or in person! Score!

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Tho I can only speak from the point of Australian laws - the laws seem to be becoming more uniform world-wide so this may give you a base to work from.
HERE there are two aspects. One is the name, which is a trade-mark. You can't use that without a payment to the owner of the name, unless the trademark ownership has lapsed, or the name has come into the public domain as a recognised description This is really loosely iterpreted, I find. It's just - a name without anything else.
The second aspect are what would be called "plant breeder rights" that is, that someone has dedicated a lot of time to grow generations of a special plant, to produce something really worthwhile and far superior from it's natural ancestors.
I can't imagine the years of patients to find special qualities for hardiness/floricity/colour/variety. Phew but that's how we get new garden plants. To protect their financial investment, these people register their plants, usually with a name, to protect it from being taken away from them and multiplied for commercial use by every joe blow.
So (and I say, check it out locally there) you are usually allowed to grow on, and multiply, the plant you bought that way, for home use or to give away to others, as long as it's not a commercial purpose.
It would be easiest for you just to share your plant WITHOUT A NAME so no problem.

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That is nice - I love the really white stemmed ones.

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I saw that one at a local grocery store recently, but didn't get it. First narrow-leafed one I've seen.

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nancy_pnwzone8(OR zone 8)

nice find...

as far as the patent goes, it looks like the patent was awarded in September of 1999, so it should still be in effect for a couple more years.

what it means is that you can still propagate more for your own personal use (ie you could do stem cuttings on each of the four plants, and let the root balls grow back, so that you had 8 plants). and that is fully within your rights as a purchaser.

what you're not allowed to do is then sell what you've propagated. ie you can't start a Pirate Girl HousePlant Store on Ebay selling A. 'White Lance' plants.

in practice, the only folks who ever get prosecuted under these rules are nurseries or businesses who are propagating large quantities of plants for sale and who have neglected to pay for that right.

in this case, you're not propagating, so, by all means, have fun sharing and trading at your next plant society meeting.



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Hi have you been?

I tried expanding your pictures but it didn't work.

Pics 3 and 4 resemble A. Decora crossed with Cutlass.

Naturally, I'm guessing. There's so many varieties, including newer types.

Pic 2 looks different than the others....???

Anyway, very pretty Aglao, healthy, with striking coloring.

You Aglao is much nicer than standard A. decoras. Decora has wider leaves, unlike elongated foliage on yours.

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That is one of teh prettiest houseplants I have ever seen.

I love teh white stems Karen.

You see, there I go again with spelllng ''''the''' incorrectly.

I am done fixing them. Great find:-)


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Folks,

Hi TG, Thx for the nice words. Yes, now that you mention you've never seen an ugly Ag., I look around to see I have 2 of the more common ones growing in vases of water in several darker corners of my home. Have for some time.

Hello Akebono, nice to see you thx for that info. I would be startled to see the kind of change you warned me of, good to know.

Hey Purple, LetâÂÂs see ...

Yes those are my quilts, some early smaller ones IâÂÂve done. The upper right piece from the 1st pic is a design often called Snowball, an older, traditional quilt design. Rather like a Square w/ its 4 corners cut off (if that's the one you mean). If interested, my Member Page has addy for my Quilt Blog, where you could see that quilt (probl. among the older post) or my Photobucket albums (Krsternberg, tho' mostly plants, there are more recent quilts too than in Blog).

SJ & Meyer Mike, Interesting that you both point out the white stem, which I barely noticed.

Hiya Eahamel : Yes, I too have never seen a long skinny Ag leaf, so I knew it was something unusual.

Toni, Toni, Toni, Hiya, Welcome Back. Sorry my pix arenâÂÂt expandable, somehow, I never use that code. Yea, guess I didnâÂÂtâ realize how much I like varied Ags, I should have as I do know IâÂÂm a sucker for patterned leaves of many kinds.

Anyway, thx to all, hope I didnâÂÂt miss anybody & IâÂÂll try to post updates.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Karen, that's really cool!!! It looks like you like blue as much as I like purple. My Mom has always been a quilter. I don't have the interest in actually making a quilt (and have never had the space to setup a sewing station, and way too lazy to do a get-it-out, put-it-away thing.) But I do cross-stitch, and have made many quilt patterns for my Mom. The two use the same geometric art, which I used to do on graph paper but have moved to Excel spreadsheets.

Do you remember me whining a while back about losing files in a computer crash? A spreadsheet of cross stitch patterns that was lost is still bothering me, in addition to my garden notes file. At least most of the garden stuff was in memory. Sigh...

You can use HTML in your profile, anyone can. If you'd like any help making your link clickable, or formatting the paragraphs, I'd be happy to help, (you or anyone else,) email me. Click mine to see what I mean.

I bookmarked your quilt blog to comb over Saturday when it's raining. Emailed the link to my Mom too. Now that I know I can probably convince at least one person to look at them, I'll take some pics of her quilts & my c-stitches & post them in those forums on the home side, will say here when I've gotten around to it.

About Aglaonemas, I've already put 3 different kinds in the ground. I can't wait to see what they do!

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Hey Karen,

How long have your Ag's been in water?
When you have time, please explain what you do to keep them alive?
One last question. Do Ag's have to be in a dark corner to survive in water?

Purple. I've seen some of Karen's quilts. They're gorgeous. She's very talented.
A few years ago, I suggested she market them.
Don't know if she ever got around to it, or if she was interested.
Wish I had the knack. :_)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hello again,

First, Alison & Nancy, pls. excuse me, I seem to have accidentally deleted the paragraphs I'd written addressing your comments (yikes, but it was late, I was tired & I've been sick for a couple of days (home sick 1 day, an intense cold flew thru my body in a couple of days)). Oops, I digress.

I had thanked you both for your comments on the trademarked issues, that you both confirmed my feelings that the prohibition was in propagating &/or profiting. I hadn't propped them & was just sharing (tho' I had wished to have them sold at the Plant Sales Table as usual).

Brilliant the suggestion to simply not specify which Ag in particular, simple but just never occurred to me (duh).

Hey Purple,
I remember your mention of the lost X stitch files. Do you know that GW has a Quilting Forum? Might your Mom like to check that out? Dorky me forgot to suggest pls. to search for my work there. Same handle, just search Pirate_Girl, IâÂÂve got some Quilts posted there along w/ sometime comments abt othersâ works there. IâÂÂm a pretty serious Quilter, âÂÂrecovering textile designerâÂÂ, long story also explained in my Quilt Blog.
Suppose its OK to digress my own thread, huh? Or have OT conversation should I say, w/ Purple.

Hiya Toni,

Thx for lovely words, I DO love my quilts, thereâÂÂs no denying ⦠donâÂÂtâ think we ever had this conversation, thoâ rings familiar you mentioning suggesting I market myself. Sure IâÂÂd love to, except I work full time & also do the Work, so got no time left for marketing. Thoâ these days w/ Etsy (not there yet, but I aspire to sometime). IâÂÂm aiming more for something called Spoonflower, a company which allows a person to pay to have custom designs printed on yardage of fabrics. IâÂÂve been holding onto a couple of dozens original designs IâÂÂve wanted to see on fabric for YEARS. So, thatâÂÂs what IâÂÂm closer to doing. IâÂÂm certainly open to ideas, suggestions, & sooooo very much appreciate you two's encouragement & acknowledgement!

Meyer Mike,

I need to backup & say special Thanks, lovely compliment you gave earlier, I flew right by, didnâÂÂt mean to. & I really see the white stem now.

Maybe I should just share the trio amongst those here by swap, no issue whatsoever >)

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