Wilting Pothos in Water

Mel97March 21, 2014

Hey Everyone,

So this is my first post. I have some pothos that I have growing out of my fish tank, under full spectrum plant lights. All my other plants (spider plant and various aquatic plants) are doing great, but my pothos has become really limp and droopy. All the leaves are green, none of the roots are rotting, and the plant looks healthy. It's been doing great in the tank for a few months.

Does anyone have any ideas on what's making it wilt? Can they be in water too long/Does it need dirt?

Thanks for your help!

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Can you provide a picture? I'm not sure it's necessary since you know it's wilting, but it might help.


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I took it out of the tank because I didn't want it to start rotting and pollute the water, so I put it in a yogurt container. It's still wilting...

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Here's another pic:

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Is the entire vine wilting or just the bottom segment? It almost looks like in your first picture, there's a dead part on the vine that is causing the bottom portion to wilt.


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If you stuck that whole thing into water yes, it will die back. Cut it at least 2/3 or even 3/4 back and then stick it in water. You cannot take a cutting as long as that and then expect it will grew roots and be healthy. If that worked, nurseries would be out of business!

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zzackey(8b GA)

Please put it in a pot of soil. It will do so much better. It only needs water once a week.

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