purple plant good for hanging baskets?

angelbuck(z9 LA)March 10, 2006

O.K., now I have another question. I want a plant that is purple in color and will cascade over the sides of a hanging basket. I read something about a plant called purple heart, but I'm not too sure about it. Do any of you have any suggestions, I would love to see some pictures also. Oh, and something that is easy to take care of. I don't care weither or not it put's out flowers or anything, I just want a vine type plant with color, something other than green, or verigated green (although I love my golden pothos). Any suggestions would be great, because I have no idea.

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

Purple passion vine is nice!

Here is a link that might be useful: PPV

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notanatural(z6 NY)

Angel, I have a mix of purple passion and wandering jew in a hanging basket.
Here is a picture of it- it's not a very good picture- can't see much of the purple passion, can you? It's grown a lot more since then- that was back when I first put them together.

Actually my purple passion is just growing upright, refuses to cascade- anyone got any ideas on that? Is it an upright growing vine?

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angelbuck(z9 LA)

Thank you for the picture. Is purple passion easy to take care of? Does it need to be watered alot, or is it something like the pothos? I have seen a few pictures that I found on different sites, I think it is a pretty plant. I wish I could see one in person. Where would I be able to find one at if I decide to get it, other than ebay, which sells only clippings at what I think is an expensive price. By the way, are they expensive, because it might be a good deal if they are, I never thought about how much they cost. I know, lots of questions, I think I might do more research picking out plants than I did picking out my childrens names. lol. That's bad isn't it. Well, you don't have to keep your childrens names alive. lol. Thanks for all the help.

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notanatural(z6 NY)

I don't think they're expensive. I got mine at a local nursery for about $5 or $6. It looked like this back then:

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My zebrina is purple on the underside, and they're supposed to be good for hanging baskets...I see a lot of purple when I look at it. It's too new for me to give you any more info, but I think of it as a purple plant. :)


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marquest(z5 PA)

If you want real purple.....Purple Heart

Here is a link that might be useful:

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marquest(z5 PA)

Sorry the one above is Oyster Plant

This is the Purple Heart

Here is a link that might be useful:

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The 'purple passion' is a Gynura.

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Angel, I like Marquest's suggestion for the deep purple you get with Purple Heart. What makes you hesitant about the purple heart? The size?

You could always use a purple wandering jew. I just bought one last night that's the most magnificent shade of purple I've ever seen. You'd have to pinch her often to keep her looking compact and neat. I don't think you can beat the beauty and cascading habit of the WJ- as far as purple goes.

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angelbuck(z9 LA)

Wasn't really a hesitation about the purple heart, just didn't know enough information about it, weither is was an easy plant to take care, or if it needed a lot of attention. I have three kids and am going back to school full time, when I get home, most of my time is spent cleaning, studying and doing homework. That's why I always ask for a plant that is easy to take care of, like my golden pothos, just water it when it starts to get droopy, and feed it some miracle gro about once a month. I agree that both the purple heart and the purple passion are both beautiful plants (from the pictures I have seen online). Oh and one more thing, from what I have been reading, doing more research on the plants, I thought that Purple heart and Wandering Jew were the same plant. They are different? Thank you all once again for your response. I don't know what I would do without you all sometimes. lol.

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angelbuck(z9 LA)

Well, I just placed a bid on a purple heart on ebay. I hope trying to get one off of ebay wasn't a bad idea. The seller had somewhere around 250 something positive feedbacks and only 1 negative in the past 12 months. Has anyone else ever bought plants off of ebay? I think I might want to get a purple passion vine also, I have only read positive things about it, except for the smelly flowers.lol. If someone outbids me, I don't want want too pay too much, whith shipping and all. Any suggestions on where I might be able to find one? We don't have too many plant shops around here and the ones we do have, don't have much at all. lol. Thank you all once again

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angelbuck(z9 LA)

Wow, I decided to call my grandmother, who raised me. She grows all sorts of plants, has won ribbons on most of them, once she won a grand champion ribbon for winning the most ribbons. lol. Anyway, I asked her if she had a purple passion vine, she said she didn't think so, I said a wandering Jew, and she said YES! She said that it had died back a little bit, so it is small right now, so when it gets bigger, I will get some clippings of it from her. She also said that she once had a white wandering Jew, she thought was beautiful, in her words, prettier than the purple. She said that she won grand champion with it once. She can't remember what happened to it, but she can't find it anywhere anymore. She said that it was years ago. Does anyone know what she is talking about, and where I can find one for her? Thanks to all. Angel

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seaecho1(SW CA)

I've gotten MANY plants off ebay, both houseplants and orchids, and have never had a problem as of yet. So most likely you will be happy with your plant. I love purple Wandering Jews. I'v ehad a few in the past. They are gorgeous plants and easy growers. Good luck!

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angelbuck(z9 LA)

Thank you all for your help. I think I will happy with the Purple Heart for now, I might be able to find a Purple Passion vine if I go out of town to look for it. I will repost about the white wandering jew for my grandmother. Thank you all again, SOOOOO much. Angel

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Angel, purple passion and wandering jew are two differnt plants. Both are viney though.
I too have ordered plants off Ebay and no regrets..

You can find a purple passion at www.accentsforhomeandgarden.com They don't sell the white one though..btw, the white one is a bit harder than the purple. I don't know the reason..some tirl I talk to sent me cuttings on Fri..If you can't find them by summer I can send u cuttings depending if mine lives and its size.

Check out accents though, I think you'll enjoy the site. Toni

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angelbuck(z9 LA)

Thanks Toni, that is very kind of you. I will check that site out right now. I think it was a white wandering Jew she wanted, I didn't know they had a white version of the purple passion I think that's what you are saying you have, am I wrong? Or did you mean you had a white wandering jew? Thank you either way. I can always use a new plant, my husband is going to wind up feeling as though he is living in a jungle. Oh well, I enjoy having them, and they always manage to lift my spirits. He was always telling me I needed to get a hobby, I guess I have one now. lol. Thank you all once again. Angel

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angelbuck(z9 LA)

Toni, thanks for the site, the plants are very reasonably priced. I ordered a passion vine and an aloe plant from them. I just have to remember to mail off the check. lol. My grandmother had given me an aloe plant once, it stayed alive for a while, I placed it on my steps one day to let it get more sun, and my boxer tore it up, it didn't last long after that. I can always use one around, with three kids and a husband that welds, burns, scrapes and cuts are an everyday thing. It will save me in the long run from buying medicines. I think I will go back and order more plants from them in the future. If my husband doesn't get frustrated from having all these new plants around. I think he will like having the aloe plant, those weld burns get bad sometimes. Thanks again. I can't thank you enough for all the advice you have given me. Shocked you all havent became aggrivated with me asking all these questions yet. lol. Angel

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HD and Lowe's usually have Purple passion vine...small plants around four to five dollars. That's where I bought my plants and they are doing really well.

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Angel, actually I meant I have a white wandering jew..but there is a variegated purple passion, I want..HD had them once, but it acquired mealy so I tossed it.
The variegaetd pp is purple, white and pink. It's really pretty..Accents has it for 9.99 so one day when my credit card is reasonable I'll buy it..LOL..Or, I'll keep checking to see if HD gets them in again.

Please don't feel you're asking too many questions..I and everyone here loves discussing plants and enjoy helping ppl w/plant problems..I know I've asked a ton of questions and someone always came to my rescue here on Gw. Everyone here in nice and understanding and knowledable about plant care.

I know one thing, when you're looking for a common plant, you can't find it..then suddenly you run into hundreds of them (usually after you already bought it) LOL. My grocery store will get plants in every so often..for instance they had 8" baskets for 9.99 each..well, I decided not to buy any..then about a month back, those same plants were 3.33 so I bought 3. A purple passion, wandering jew and tahitian bridal veil. They also get 4" plants, buy one for 3.99 and get one free, but if you wait they're .99 each..I usually wait and get them for .99.
Angel, this girl I talk to sent me 4 cuttings of white wandering jew..they're rooting now. If you want to wait a few months, (summer) after and if they root and grow I'll send u a cutting..They're too small right now, less than 5" and there's 4 cuttings..but first I have to see if they take..Toni

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angelbuck(z9 LA)

Thank you so much Toni, that is very thoughful of you. I have never before met a kinder group of people. Well, actually, I haven't met any of you, but you know what I mean. I found a hanging basket at walmart, almost bought it. It had green leaves and the under side of the leaves were purple, it was very pretty, the plant looked like it had both green and purple leaves, after looking at it closer is when I realized that the under part of the leaves were purple, but it didn't have a name. I didn't know anything about it, so I left it there. Do you have any idea what the plants name might be, or I'm talking about? Thanks, Angel

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notanatural(z6 NY)

You know what, I just got a bronze wandering jew from accents recently- and just yesterday I was looking at it- and I realized, it's MUCH more purple than the regular one I have. It's a deep purple underneath, and the top is green with a purplish/ bronze tint. It's much prettier than the regular kind.

Its still new and small. I don't even know where I want to pot it yet so it's sitting in the same plastic container I got it in. When I finally get around to potting it nicely (takes me a while to figure out my hanging configurations though) and once it starts growing- I can totally send cuttings as well. But it will be a cpl of months I think.

I believe finally, this summer, I will be ready to share some of my plants with all of you here. Right now, they're a bit too small to be shared.

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I have a purple heart from cuttings from one I gave my mom on her 40th birthday which was 36 years ago. She past on 6 years ago but I still have a plant from that original one. Purple hearts need the most direct sun possible to get the best colour, otherwise are very undemanding. After a couple of years though they get leggy, and I usually take a bunch of cuttings which root so easily they can be stuck directly in the soil, which I put outside in the summer except for a couple I keep as houseplants. So long as they have direct sunlight, you'll be thrilled with the colour.

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alex83(Glos, UK)

I was going to suggest this, but realised I don't know what it is! Obviously tradescantia family, but does anyone know which one? It's grown rampantly from small cuttings from my girlfriend's mum. Also it's more purple than the pic suggests, especially underneath.

PS: The gynura and some tradescantias seem to want to grow upwards but will eventually trail once they get too heavy to support themselves :)

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How about Rhoeo, or Moses in Cradle/bullrush? It's a nice plant, can be used as haning or upright. Toni

Here is a link that might be useful: RE: purple plant good for hanging baskets?

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We have a purple passion vine in a south facing window hanging from a plant hook; it thrives there usually reaching floor length from a high ceiling in less than a year. We have to keep cutting it back to keep it under control. Another nice thiing about purple passion is that it fits my plants that can stand a bit of neglect category. The leaves will curl and look droopy if it is too dry so it tells you when it needs water. I am not one to fuss too much about my plants, I love them but they have to adapt to not being fussed over. I have good luck with plants, people bring me the sick ones to see if I can save them.

I would have no hesitation recommending a purple passion plant or a wandering jew both easy plants to grow.

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notanatural(z6 NY)

ooh, is that why their leaves curl? A few leaves in my pp did curl up before and i thought it was doing that due to the extreme dryness in here.

Ya know, it's funny that when I first started getting obsessed with plants, I had a problem of over watering. And now, I tend to forget to water so easily.

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Vic, I'd love seeing a pic of your floor-length Purple Passion..I bet it's beautiful. I guess living in MN, you can get away keeping this plant in a south window in summer..It'd burn here and I'm in IL..But you're right, they do require bright light to remain purple and not grow too spindly..Do you pinch yours? Toni

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My husband came home and gave me a hanging plant he got at an auction its really awesome looking its vines are deep purple the leaves are medium sized with dark hunter green leaves with white on the edges and the backs of them are deep purple also it really shows off the purple we have no clue what the plant is called?i have looked on the net i have found no pictures of anything for me to compare it with.please help?

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marquest(z5 PA)

Tweety is this the plant?

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

Marquest, that is beautiful!!

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Marquest, what a pretty Oyster/Rhoeo plant..Toni

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How much direct sunlight will a wandering jew need? The Place I want to hang it is in direct sunlight about half the day, is that enough?

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saucer(10 SF Bay Area)

Strange Angel, wandering jew are said to need bright light to retain their variegation, but I have mine hanging on my balcony in a north-eastern exposure. It get a bit of filtered morning sun then the sun moves behind my building. The plant has been growing vigorously for three seasons now and hasn't lost any of it's variegation so I'm sure that spot will work for you as well!

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni,webkat5 thank you. I am a couple years late with the thank you. I guess Tweety never came back.

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Wandering jew plants, are beautiful and purple . But a i found a plant call the "SHAMROCK" that loves the sun, water and it folds and go to sleep at night. absolutely beautiful.

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The only purple plant that I like is exclusively the Purple Shamrock (oxalis triangularis):

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I read Purple Passion plants will do fine in hanging baskets but, what about hanging them in the bathroom. My bathroom gets low light because of a skylight and the shower creates humidity. The bathroom sometimes get very bright light for about one hour.

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Im not sure a Purple Passion would do very well in a low light room. It would most likely survive but they need high light or they lose their purple fuzzies.
Ive heard the fuzzies protect them from burning in high light so if theirs not enough light it doesnt need them so they dont grow.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Purple Passion

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hey that's very interesting, moosetrackz! Loved looking at your pic.

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