Aeschynanthus radicans that's variegated

seaecho1(SW CA)March 6, 2007

Here I just posted the other day about lipstick plants, and not ever seeing them for sale in my area. Well, stopped by Lowe's yesterday, and there were four radicans hanging in 6" pots! I was shocked. I just won an ebay auction for a Big Apple, so was glad it wasn't that one that Lowe's had, lol! My question - do radicans come in variegated? Two of the plants were plain green, and two were variegated. I got a variegated one, and I'd say about 1/4 to 1/3 of the plant's leaves are variegated. There is info on radicans online, but no mention of a variegated form.


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randy_e(z9b FL)

Exotic Angel plants have a variegated Aeschynanthus radicans out there, I've seen them at Lowes also.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

In my experience it's very important to cut out the plain green part--which you can root to make another nice basket--as the solid green is stronger by way of the larger amount of chlorophyll and will tend to overwhelm the variegated part. On another thread somewhere someone disagreed strongly with that idea, but I still find it to work that way. I keep rooting plain-green shoots from my variegated hoya--must have given away half a dozen. You can put all the solid green cuttings in one pot and have a nice full basket in no time.

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This is true of any variegated plant. The green form is much stronger. Green lipstick plant is superior to the variegated one in every way IMHO. I'm either going to trade my variegated one or let it revert.

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nanw_4wi(4/SW WI)

Nice score, Randi...and congrats on finding a plant you've been coveting!
Always a great feeling.
Got a photo??

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seaecho1(SW CA)

I am having no luck with trying to post a photo. My photos won't download onto a sight such as Photobucket, for some reason. I must be doing something wrong. Therefore, I can't post them. Very frustrating.


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Hi, Randi, wish I could help you with posting photos. I use Photobucket with no problem. I also came home with a variegated A. radicans about three weeks ago. Does yours look like the one below (lower level in wire rack)? It is growing very fast and has already outgrown the wire planter I have it in.

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Adopted..The second photo, (bottom) looks like variegated Hoya..Is that the same plant showen in pic one? Toni

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Hopefulauthor (I like your name!), yes, the second photo is the same as the bottom one in the top photo.

Now I am confused. I apologize if I have misled anyone about the identity of these plants (which are new to me).

The tag on the top rack plant said "I am known as HOYA 'RUBRA', Hoya carnosa 'variegata'," though I don't see any variegated leaves. The tag on the bottom plant said "I am known as Variegated Lipstick Plant, Aeschynanthus radicans." Both are from Exotic Angel Plants.

If anyone can clear this up, I would like to know for sure what these plants are.

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I agree with Toni. Your bottom plant is a hoya. The other one could be the Lipstick Plant, can"t see it very well.

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I have a lipstick plant, and that does not look like is a pic of mine is labelled wrong as


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