Navy Pier Flower Show

birdsnbloomsMarch 1, 2011

Is anyone in Il or nearby states attending the Navy Pier Flower and Garden Show this year?

Dates..March 5-13th..Toni

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I was going to but I thought it was a week later. Oh well :(

Dunno if I liked the displays that much but the C&S society always has a really nice sale.

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dellis326 (Danny)

Thought about it, Navy Pier is only 10 minutes away from me. I'm still not sure, I don't like driving downtown. I'm so much more interested in growing tropical plants that I don't do much with my garden these days.

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Not sure I have time, but I usually go. Are you going?

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Amccour...Why the following week? lol..Sorry, being nosy..
We should all meet..I'm a longgg way from NP, but I'm seriously thinking about going. Well, if you change your mind, it'd be nice if we all went the same day/time.

Dellis..when I've gone to NP, the only plants I was interested in were tropicals/succulents. I'm going to phone one vendor to see if he and his sons be attend this year. He brings hundreds of Trops/Sux. There's always the HI stand. A a few bonsai sellers....think I'll check NP's site, see if they mention which growers will be there.
Clover's is going..they sent an email yesterday which is what got me thinking about NP. Believe me, I know what you mean about driving's too darn congested. I get claustrophbic thinking about it. lol

Lathyrus. I'm going to phone a few vendors to see if they'll be there..The reason I stopped going was, 1. driving DT was a hassle, 2. prices increased, two to three times higher, every year, 3. the last time I went, I bought 5 or 6 plants. The car was about 8 blocks from NP. By the time I walked to the car, 4 or 5 got frostbite. 5. Too many non-plant-related vendors were selling or trying to sell silly stuff like insurance, and Last, a few trop/suc sellers stopped going..they agreed it was a lot of work hauling truck loads of plants and supplies, driving told me he felt he was losing money. But considering it's cold/winter, he doesn't get all that many customers at his gh's.

If everyone decides to go, maybe we can choose a day and time??? Toni

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"Amccour...Why the following week? lol..Sorry, being nosy.."

My spring break is after the show, basically, so I won't be in Chicago till then.

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Amccour..that's too would have been nice if we all could have met.
I haven't had time to check NP's site, 'the site lists vendors and lectures.' I'll make time today..
If temps are in the 30's or colder, I'll pass. Instead I might visit Ted's in Tinley Park. Clovers will soon be opening their gh's, 'one location, nearby,' and there's always Jamacan Gardens, up north. Toni

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I think it might've been in the low 30s the first time I went a few years ago, although the pereskia I got didn't seem to mind. One of the shopkeepers at Fox & Obel kept digging around in my bag though and I was like "Stop that" because I didn't want her breaking it. Fortunately for her it didn't have spines at that point.

Anyway, hopefulauthor, are there any interesting plant related stores near the downtown at all..? Someone on another board was implying that somewhere in/near Chicago had Monkey Puzzle Trees with a degree of frequency, but I forgot where that was.

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dellis326 (Danny)

The Monkey Puzzles were at Sprout Home during the summer and fall but they don't have them anymore. They're only a few minutes west of navy pier.

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Amccoour..To be honest, I don't shop for plants anywhere in the downtown or Chicago area. Especially near the lake.
Prices are unbelievable expensive.
One time we walked in a little plant store on Clark. I was looking for an Aspidistra/Cast Iron Plant. In the mid-80's.
The cheapest plant is the store was an Azalea for 14.99 in a 4" pot..They had plain green Cast Irons in 6" pots for 35.00. lol
Remember, this was mid-80's.

When I shop locally, I either go south, Ted's Nursery in Tinley Park, or up north, Jamacan Gardens..They had huge green houses in Morton Grove, but closed 3 yrs ago. They have a sister store up by Libertyville, which is too far a drive..'I'm south of the city.'

Then there is Jewel's. lol..I find some interesting plants for sale every so often. I particularly like their 1.00 sale plants..'if they have something I don't have.' lol

There's an online nursery that sell/sold Monkey Puzzles, but the nursery name isn't permitted here on GW. I can check to see if this nursery still sells them, then if you'd like, I can email you with the store name. Toni
There are very few times I walked out of plant store empty-handed.

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I was bummed when Jamaica Gardens close to the city closed. I loved that place.

I've not been to Ted's....or even heard of it. I used to live far south (like farther than Tinley, lol), but now am in the city.

I bought a dying African Violet at Jewel last week, lol. It just might be a chimera, but the blooms were pretty far gone to be sure. I disbudded it immediately and isolate it far away from my other AVs.

If anyone decides to go, let me know when. Are there coupons available at Ace or anywhere this year?

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

Toni was telling me about Ted's, it sounds a-mazing!

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I know what you mean..I was very upset when JG's closed, too..Have you ever gone to their Libertyville location? The last time we went turned out to be a long, 'fruitless' trip. Remember how the MG location sold 4" potted plants for 2.99, then 3.99? The Libertyville gh sells the same size, 1/4-1/2 variety, for 4.99..The vist was a couple years ago, who knows what they charge now. 95% of their plants were infested with Mealy or Mites..Forget that!

Ted's Nursery has a larger gh 'indoor plants,' than both JG's. Prices are about the same. It depends on the plant and pot size. In spring, there are 10-12 outer gh's filled w/annuals and perrenials.
I love Ted's..The problem is both JG's and Ted's are far, opposite directions. Ted's is closer though, (much closer compared to Libertyville) and nowhere near as much traffic as driving up north.

Instead of NP, maybw we should all meet at Ted''s nice in summer and hours are longer..But come to think of it, they focus more on tropicals and succulents during winter months..Spring through early autumn is dedicated to outdoor plants and bulbs.

Have you heard of Sid's Green House? I've never been there but a friend goes..she likes their plants and supplies, but said they're a little more $ than other nurseries.
What color are your AV/Chimera flowers? I feel like going to Jewel to see if they have any half-dead AV' wouldn't know a Chimera from a Dandilion. lol.
Can you do me a favor? Will you look at the label glued on the pot and see where it was grown? Cananda or US?

I still haven't checked NP's site. Didn't think anyone was going, besides, would like to keep track of weather before making definate plans..if we get 5" of snow, forget it. It'd take 2 hours driving downtown. Bumper to bumper..that's one thing I sure don't miss about Chicago. Got spoiled driving/parking burbs this block..most people park in their garages, so there's more room than ever. The problem is, if I had to park in tight spaces, I'd be in big trouble..forgot how it's

Do you remember which store sold NP, Flower Show tickets, 10.00 off regular price? Toni

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According to this post, there a measly $2 discounts this year...not sure I want to spend $15 bucks and deal with getting there, too!

Weekends are $17. Weekdays $15. Weekdays after 4 PM is $13. If you're driving, you get a discounted $14 parking fee. Yippee. I'd take the el/bus combo, but even with that, the day would be at least $20 before buying anything! And, it's snowing today, though it is supposed to be in the mid 40's on Monday and Tuesday.

I've not heard of Sid's - with a search it says it's in Palos? I've gone to Pesche's, west of the city, but only for annual's during the spring. Never have gone to the other JGs - Libertyville is a HAUL.

The Jewel I used to shop at - or any in and around Lakeview - never had AVs. This one I now go to, does. I didn't see any flying things there, but know that many flower shop AVs have thrips. I disbudded immediately - before I took it inside, lol.

The sticker on the AV said it was from Canada, but a different place than the plants that Home Depot sells.

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Lath, 2.00 off if you bring a diet Pepsi can. lol.. There's half-price or 10.00 off coupons online, but I can't find much info about the show.
I don't care about cooking demonstrations..and sure don't want a pushy sales-person trying to sell me insurance, a pool, motor-home, or any non-plant related junk.

I can buy a meal that feeds ten, compared to their burgar, fries and a soda charges. lol. Can you imagine what a decent meal costs? I'd rather spend money on plants, not food. I can eat at home.

And yes, it's snowing big time. Too bad..

Parking is outrageous. We've went to the NP shows, every year, from mid-90's to 2000 or so. We never, once found parking in NP lot. Had to park a mile away, walk..I love walking, but not when temps are 20 w/40mph winds, downtown. Last time we paid 27.00 for parking alone.

Sid's and Ted's are much closer to me, still, long drive..less congestion than heading downtown though.

Thanks. Jewel and HD buy from different nurseries, even though their AV's come from Canada. I was just curious.

Yep, many large gh plants have flying insects or Fungus Gnats..As long as it's not Mealy, it's not a problem. In summer, I'll place a new plant in a super shady spot, outside, and repot, if the plant/s was/were around gnats.

So you don't know the color of your new AV? Toni

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It's a pale lavender with a medium purple stipe - I looked at it long enough to decide it could be a chimera, then disbudded, lol.

I couldn't find any $10 tickets for the show....they must be hiding, lol.

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Cancel that...just found discount tickets at - $6.50. Not sure if that is only for a weekday?

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Lath, it could be a Chim..hope it is. A real mistake on someone's part. lol.

Yeah, I saw the 6.50 tickets. Wonder what you have to do to get them. Regestration is needed..wonder how many names they sell to stay in business, lol.

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I registered with my "spam" email address for the heck of it...didn't seem that there was a catch, but I didn't order them...

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