Easily Transferring houseplants outside

chazperxMarch 23, 2014


I hope this doesn't sound too funny, but I planted my first houseplant, some berries, and it has grown to be about 3+ feet. I planted it in a mop bucket�.don�t ask�.anyway.

Its now time for me to transfer it to outside, as the weather gets warmer.

My question is that since I had such great success the first time, I ready to play a few other things, but once they are ready to go outside, I want it to be an easier process. I�m a computer geek, so I know little to nothing about houseplants. Do they sell something, like a mesh or a biodegradable container that will allow me to remove the plant from its HOME container and easily plant it outside into the dirt?

I�m sure such a thing exists, I just don�t know what its called or where to get it. Any assistance or help with this new plant would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advanced for your help!


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'm confused. What is the plant that you are calling a houseplant? I assume that you intend to grow it outside from now on, for the rest of its life. Right? 'Cause it's not recommended that plants be dug back up in the fall to grow inside.

The way to transplant your plant is to take the whole thing outside to its permanent planting site, dig a hole the same depth of the root ball and three times wider, remove the plant from the container right then and there. Carefully place it into the hole after shaking some of the potting soil off, replant with the same soil you dug out of the hole. Firm the root ball with your hands and water in slowly.

Hopefully you will select a site suitable for the long life of you plant....good drainage, proper amount of light for the kind of plant.

We usually use the term 'houseplant ' for those thousands of species of tropical and semitropicals that are container grown full time.

So, let us know your general location and the name of the plant you're talking about and that information will help us do a better job of advising you.

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Thanks for your response. Mulberry trees are plentiful on Long Island, so I took a bunch of them, that were ready to eat, and instead planted them indoors for the last 6 months. The plant is now 3+feet and I'm ready to plant it outside. Maybe I used the wrong term by calling it a house plant. Thanks......do they make something to make the transfering process easier? I'm next going to try blackberries.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Just transfer it to the planting site in your mop bucket. Lift it out when you've prepared the hole, as described above. Can't get much easier than that, lol.

Are you looking for something to avoid touching the roots and the soil?

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not really, I just thought there was an easier way, but I will take your advise. Its getting warmer, and I want to get it out.

Thanks for your help...!

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