Zucchini pollination

green_goJuly 26, 2014

In the last several years, every year I've grown around 4 plants of zucchini, usually of 2 or 3 different variety and I've always got bumper crops from them.
This year, instead of growing seeds, I bought in the garden centre a 4-cells of bush zucchini transplants. They are growing vigorously, flowering non-stop.... but no fruits are set. They produce lots of female flowers, but they are all yellowing and dying within few days. At first, I thought, maybe there are no pollinators? This could've been true at the beginning of the summer, but not now - insects are buzzing all over my flowers growing nearby. I tried to pollinate by hand - with the same result. Could this be because zucchinis I am growing are all the same variety and they cannot pollinate each other? Does a zucchini plant need another zucchini of different kind to successfully pollinate and produce zucchinis?

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As long as the flowers come from plants of the same species, Cucurbita pepo, which includes most summer squash, they should pollinate. Male flowers from one zuke should pollinate the females from the same plant.

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