Can I put these 2 plants together?

Lamora(4)March 11, 2012

I want to put my little Golden Potho in with a starter of my Brasil. I figure they take the same care.. almost look alike. The Potho is very small, only 5 leaves on it-- 3 are chewed up, no starts or vines. Just leaves. I wanted to know if putting these plants together would be a good idea.

I know they are from different families of plants-- but would it work?

I tried looking up "companion plants" but the only things I found anything for,are vegetables gardens. (I know I am missing something there)

If I am being a pest w/all these questions-- let me know. I will tone it down. ;) try things on my own..


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Sure you can.

What you can or can't grow together ranges from "the plants you choose as companions is critical if you're using a heavy, water-retentive soil" to "you can grow almost any combination of plants commonly grown as houseplants (except cacti) if the soil is well-aerated, drains fast, and holds no/little perched water. As an example - you could grow alocasia, peace lily, pothos .... in the same container as a mix of succulent in the gritty mix with no problems.


Here is a link that might be useful: A similar thread with more info.

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Go for it Lamora!!

In my opinion, the limiting factor would be light, and if both plants have similar light requirements, why not give it a try?

Post a picture, we'd love to see your results


PS - I've got some spider plants fostering in larger pots: vari with an Aglaonema, and a solid green one with a Dracaena marginata.

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Pothis and Brasil philodendron are pretty similar to each other, and neither one is all that fussy. I think it would work fine.

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Thanks! will do it tomorrow.. it will look a bit chewed up tho. the starter of the Potho was chewed up too... stupid cat anyway. I am hoping that sooner or later those leaves won't matter much and new ones will hide them some.

I don't have the gritty mix yet, not sure when I will be able to get it. All I have atm is some MG soil and perlite. The bark my daughter was going to give me is being used. I think I misunderstood her when (I think) she offered it to me, oh well, no biggy.

Was going to put 2pt perlite to 1pt soil for now.. would that be ok till I can get the gritty mix? I have a feeling it will be a while before I can get that.

Humm.. maybe I will throw a spider or 2 in it too!! Just to see.. ;) or not. So far I have been treating all my plants basicly the same for the most part. So maybe that would work. Experimenting with them..just to see.. Just thinking about it is fun!


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