best way to hang plants inside???

bramage78March 22, 2010

My girlfriend and I are moving to a condo and she has many, many plants. We would like to hang some of them inside, but do not know the best way to hang them. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thank you.

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I just hang mine from a sturdy curtain rod.

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what if you do not have a sturdy curtain rod???

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You could go to HD and get them plant hangers in different lengths that jet out from the walls or window frames you can hang them on..They are awsome to use..

They come in black and white colors..

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penfold2(4b, MN)

Or you could screw hooks into the ceiling. Either way, make sure you are drilling into a stud, or using appropriate toggle bolts. Plants can get heavy and you don't want them tearing out hooks. You can buy a cheap magnetic stud finder to locate studs/rafters.

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I've been putting up hooks. They have a 2 pack of really big, sturdy hooks at Walmart for $1.69 here. My husband wants to get those curtain rod extender things that make the curtain rods stick out from the wall a good bit and hang them on that, because I have so many.

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I was thinking that even if your curtains hang on a small rod, you could put a big sturdy one on the outside of that one for the plants.

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I've seen 1/2 circle ones that hang on the wall. They look good. I don't really are for the look of hanging plants, it reminds me of the 70's when everyone was stringing their long vining plants on hooks along the wall (mostly pothos). . . eew. . . icky visual. . .


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