Grape Ivy

lovemrmeweyMarch 31, 2010

Does anyone know anything about grape ivy? It is a sort of piggy-back ivy and is so beautiful. I wish I could find some, I haven't been able to find any in years.


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I know they are extremely hard to find. I have tried. A friend of mine cut a small stem and I was able to root it in water. 1 stem. Now I just have to pray it will grow so I can take more cuttings.

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Hi, I have a grape ivy....wants some cuttings...e-mail me...I find it easy to plant is huge and needs a cutting....linda

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Linda, thanks! I only wish cuttings could survive the mail! I am glad to hear you have a large plant. I was beginning to wonder if this plant was something I had dreamed up. Have you had your plant a long time? Do you know of a source for a pic of this plant? Maybe I could take it to a local nursery for tips how to find!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The only plant that ever developed powdery mildew in my home was a grape ivy! Until then, I was a huge fan, too, lol. I have noticed that they have been strangely missing from garden centers and green houses in the past few years. I have no idea why. Maybe our Mr. Subjunctive will see this and chime in.

There are thousands of images, I am sure. Just type in 'grape ivy' into google...then click on 'images'.

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I've seen a local Home Depot sell small 4" pots of grape ivy, and they have even carried large hanging baskets of it recently as well. I've bought at least 3 small pots of it in the past 6 months for myself and my mother.

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After a long search I found Glasshouse Works in Ohio, offering 4 varieties, but alas Canada Customs require a biological certificate, costing $45. A friend killed the ivy formerly raised by my dearest departed, so you see I am committed to replace it. Any help for Canada would be appreciated.

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Walmart gets Grape Ivy..there's a seller on Ebay that usually has it for sale..Toni

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