propagating prayer plant?

jmc_1987(7a VA)March 18, 2007

Hi. I have a variegated prayer plant that i wanted to propagate, but its only a single plant(not multiple plants where i could divide the root ball). I read in a Miracle Gro houseplant book that you could propagate by stem cuttings. I also notice that the plant stems have nodes, so would i just cut off below the node and place in compost and keep humid? And how long would this take?

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ara133(central PA)

Marantas seem to be really easy to propagate by cuttings. The method you described is fine, though I don't think I'd use compost, personally - something more sterile is probably better, like rhizo_1's idea of moistened vermiculite.

I typically use moistened sand&vermiculite because I have it on hand, but any sort of mostly sterile medium should work. You could also just use water, but do be careful when transplanting to soil/potting mix after you see roots as 'water roots' are not very hardy.

When I have rooted Maranta cuttings in water, I see new roots after what seems to be an extremely short amount of time, maybe 2 weeks if not sooner.

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