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bhimselfMarch 2, 2013

Hi all,
I was given this plant to take care of, and after a while of every-other-day watering & NE windowsill sunlight it hasn't grown or died, but I was hoping one of you could tell me what it is and what I could do better for it?

Thanks in advance!!

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Crassula Ovata more commonly known as Jade. The better forum is Cacti and Succulents

For it's size it looks good your watering should be held back for for a few days to maybe one time a week .. Rotate it in a bright to full sun southern window now and then to help remove the leaning. It's small enough to be growing slow. A blessing in disguise is you want it to grow slowly this time of the year for your area to prevent spindly leaf growth and leggy growth that would be unsightly and possibly have to be removed later this Spring.

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Holy Horticulturists!
A fast, knowledgeable, and pleasant reply to help a wayward noob...
Thank you very very much for the reply!
For a while I figured as long as it wasn't shriveling, I was doing fine, but now I'm going to try putting some effort into it.
Any recommendations on dirt/soil or does it not really matter?

Thanks again!

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

looks rather leggy. i agree with the watering. i disagree that it is crassula ovata.

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Yes, the leaves look a bit too thick for Crassula ovata. Of course, it's hard to see at that angle.

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I like second opinions. Perhaps this photo might help?
The leaves are surprising thick, almost rather puffy-looking, and look to retain a bit of water.
They're otherwise smooth, nothing really unique about it.
If this is the same plant that my lat e grandmother had in her kitchen, it can grow ~1ft with a 2" diameter base...Noticeably different than the specimen I have here.
Any other thoughts/recommendations would be appreciated.

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

that looks like crassula ovata

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It's a young C.Ovata (kind of like a newly hatched bird it needs time to spread it's wings for more peps to agree that it is what it is) the leaves hold water and will pull the plant down by water weight as it is doing in first pic.

Even at this small size there are a couple options to help keeping it upright, but as you mentioned. Your plant sitting (it's not yours)! I don't want too upset its owner by given advice to you that might not be what the plant owner wants.

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