Potting up of Corn Plants

sooey(7MA)March 18, 2011

Hi Kids,

I have 5 corn plant stalks now rooting in water. All have pushed out new growth at the tops and I can see swelling at the bottoms where the roots will develop. How long should I wait before I put them in dirt? Should the roots be growing or can I pot them now before the roots develop. Also, how deep can I plant them? If I put a 15" stem that has roots only on the bottom 5", into a pot that is 10" deep, will it continue to develop roots all along the stem that is below the dirt?

Thanks, Kids.


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I was hoping someone would give you advice. I have no knowledge of corn plants but would guess you should wait for the roots before potting. I would then pot no deeper than the roots unless Corn Plants are similar to tomatoes, which would be planted deeper.

Hopefully, someone will pipe in.


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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

I'm surprised they didn't rot in the water! Pull them out and plant them now. Last year I cut the tops off mine and stuck them directly in dirt. They're growing fine.

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Thanks Kids,

I have cut these corn plants back so many times that I now have a forest of them in my home. I have cut them back by air layering, cut and placed directly into dirt as well as rooted in water. All three have worked well but I was not sure if taking them out of water and putting them in dirt before the roots were developed was a good thing or a bad thing. I have been known to keep them in water for two years before finally getting around to potting them up so I know they will be fine if I leave them as is.

The last time I cut a tree back was the end of December. That one was at the ceiling so I cut it off in three pieces. I have the top in water with stones, looks beautiful on a side table. The rest of that stalk, I cut into two sections of 18" each. One of the sections was too tall for the rooting container I had so I cut 5" off of it. Of course, I could never bring myself to toss out any part of it so I now have that that little piece rooting in a glass on my kitchen sill. It's that little piece that I am watching for roots. They sprout new leaves so fast, way before the roots form.

jane ny, I was thinking of tomatoes, exactly! I always plant my tomatoes deep and know that roots will develop all along the stem where it comes in contact with the soil, not so sure the same holds true for a corn plants.

Thanks, Kids. I think I'll try to wait until I see good, strong roots before I pot them up. I'm not sure why I do this, the last thing I need is another corn plant, let alone 4 of them. I guess I really like my plants.


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Gee, I have no idea what they look like. Post a photo, you got my curiosity going!


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karate626(7A Maryland)

Just wanted to say I think the corn plant Sooey is talking about is Dracaena Fragrans. Copy and paste that into a Google search to see photos.

Hope that was helpful,

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Hi Kids,

Yes, T.J., that is it exactly, Dracaena Fragrans. Mine even bloom on occation and boy do they smell. These are easy, easy plants and fun to watch...they grow very quickly.


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