how to transport while moving??

Lamora(4)March 28, 2012

Hi all!

We have decided, for good or bad, to go back to ID for a while. Not sure what the future will hold for us, if we are moving back here or not, but for the time being, in the next few weeks we will be out of here.

I have the plants that I want to take, I don't think the smaller ones will be much of a bother, just box them up real nice and tight. My Big Mamma Spider plant tho, now she may be a prob to move. How should I go about transporting her w/o breaking her long leaves? I was first thinking about giving her to my daughter, but like my DH said, I put a lot of time and effort in her to not take her. Plus I really don't think she would be taken care of too well. (No offence to my daughter)

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can take her safely? It is 12-14 hr. drive depending on how we go. I just don't want her to break or bend the long leaves. The shoots are not long enough to worry about right now, they are not any longer than the leaves.

Any ideas? advice? thank you in advance.

Marjie. :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I've moved so many plants so many times, what an adventure!

If your plant is in a hanging basket, you can probably find some way to hang it inside the truck.

If it's in a regular pot, get a paper grocery bag and as you slide the plant down into the bag, the leaves should all be kind of standing up inside the bag. Then I would put it in a similar-size box to help it stay upright.

Either way, you'll probably have some bent leaves. Any leaves that get bent won't recover their "uprightness" but just cut them off, the plant should grow plenty of new leaves soon. Hope all goes well!

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Howdy Marj,

When I worked at Rentokil Tropicals, we'd used what's called Sleeves.

Sleeves are cone shaped. Plant is slipped through the top of sleeve, landing on the bottom w/o falling through. They're very sturdy.
Sleeves come in various sizes. You'd need to find a sleeve according to your Spiders pot size.

They're the best. Only problem is you'd probably have to buy more than one sleeve.

Maybe a local nursery uses sleeves and will give you a couple??? Toni

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