Did I do something wrong??

Lamora(4)March 19, 2012

Hi all! I took a vine from my Brasil plant and cut it up like I was told to and put it in with my Potho plant. (I did this 3-10)

Ok, all was well till about 2 days ago..seems like ALL the starters are wilting now!! I can see one doing that because it didn't look good when I cut it, but why are the others not doing good? I watered it with fertilizer after I planted them, and again Saturday. I mist them almost every day, they get light from the window, but it has been raining so much, it isn't bright light.

The Potho is doing good and the "mother" plant from the cuttings is doing good also.. so I don't know what I am doing to make them wilt. What can I do to help them?

Thanks for any advice

Marjie :)

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Are you sure the cuttings took root? I find it easier to root plants like vining philodendron and Pothos in water than soil.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I don't know how you were told to make your cuttings, but I can tell you a couple of common mistakes with such a plant. One is to make the cuttings too long. Another problem is to leave too many leaves on the cuttings. And third...something I saw my students do ALL the time...is not keep track of which end is up. Stem cuttings will only root from the proper end...so you need to keep tabs on that. Even some Sansevieria are like that, though we are talking about leaf cuttings must be inserted into the soil 'bottom side down'. :-)

You might find it more successful to insert your cuttings into a separate little pot, one that you can keep on the moist side. Use several cuttings for each container and you'll have a wonderful little plant in no time. Stem cuttings require some more moisture (in the soil) than their mother plants.

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I cut it just below the node- just 2 leaves, and "pinned" them into the soil with the other plant. I have some soil for seedlings (DH) would that work as well for starters? Should I put purlite in it? I noticed the soil does get dry very quickly on top.. so maybe that's it.

Should I have started them in water first? I could prob still do that..I dont think they have rooted yet but I haven't wanted to look either, I dont want to disturb the roots if there are any.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I never start cuttings in water first....or at any other time. I suspect that they simply have not had enough moisture.

Your regular potting medium will be fine for rooting, just water it well before making the holes for the cuttings (like with a pencil) and water afterwards to seal the soil in around the cuttings. No pinning necessary, either.

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Thanks everyone, I took the one out this morning, the others seem to be picking up some since yesterday, so I will just leave them alone. The one I took out was kinda wilting on the vine before I planted it. It looks like it is forming roots tho. Just alittle wilty.(ok a lot wilty!) I put it back where it was and hope for the best I guess. That one had 3 leaves on it, 2 nodes, (didnt realize that before-- silly me) So I put both nodes in the soil. This is my experiment plant anyway, I just want it to succeed some.

Thanks again for your responses :)


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