Rescued these plants...what exactly are they?

goddess9(7b)March 19, 2012

I was thinking Croton 'Gold Dust' but I don't see it growing in the particular way this plant does stalk-wise.

Spider plant? It came in a huge, deep pot and the roots were just as deep. It must be a few years old. Anyway, I know it's trying to do it's best bird impression...and I didn't have a deeper pot so these poor things are just sticking out. Decidedly my WORST re-pot.

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There is a type of Dracaena surculosa that resembles Croton 'Gold Dust'. There are photos comparing the two here that might help you decide which yours is:

As for the other plant, I agree it looks like a very leggy spider plant. As long as it's getting decent light hopefully it will look better soon.
I noticed that you have a holiday cactus near the spider. Be careful about keeping new plants near your old plants. Sometimes plants can harbor insects like mealybug and scale, so if it's possible to quarantine the plant in a different part of the room (or even another room) that can save some hassles sometimes.
However, if that is the only location you have that gets decent light, I can understand why you had to take the chance.
Good luck. It can be very rewarding to save a plant that wasn't doing well!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dracaena blog post

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Thank you for the reply! I will look into it.

Oh no, the holiday cactus was part of the same rescue. They sat together before I took them for a very long time. I just happened to know what it was so I didn't picture it. :)

The spider plant looked better before the repotting... Heh, first time for everything...

I digress, thanks again!

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Plant #1 could be Dracaena Gold Dust/Florida Beauty, Croton Gold Dust or Acuba.

Your Spider looks like C. nepalense. A rare Chlorophytum. Each leaf is green with a silver streak down the center.

Summer, if your Spider/Chlorophtum is nepalense, don't take blame for repotting. Leaf texture differs from other Spiders.
During winter, nepalense is semi-decidious. Very little water is needed, otherwise it'll rot.

BTW, the pot, (Chlorophytum) looks rather large. What's its size? Toni

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It's something like 12-14 inches, and probably deeper. It's a big pot...the tubers are basically just as deep as the pot.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Judging by the habit, stems and leaf veining and the fact that it is not usually a houseplant, no.1 isn't an Aucuba.

I also have a smidgeon of doubt about the 'Spider Plant'. The part coming out towards the bottom left appears to have an elongated scaly stem. There's also what appears to be a bent scaly stem top right of the pot. That's not something I've ever seen on a Chlorophytum. I've not been able to establish if C nepalense has that but it is rare in cultivation so I wonder if it likely to have been thrown out/neglected by its previous owner? Over here it is only offered by a few specialist nurseries who have collected it in the field. Some more photos of both plants showing more detail of stems, base of plants and leaves would help.

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Thank you for showing me the info on D. Surculosa, Summer. That's a positive ID! The 'whorls' or leaves make it 100%. I am so happy not to have a croton...all I can think of when I see them are SPIDER MITES!

As for my "spider plant", I don't know if it was a rare specimen. It was sitting in an office for years and I just recently came to own it. It was going to be trashed if I didn't take it. I highly doubt the original owner had access to a rather rare cultivar of chlorophytum.

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birdsnblooms much space is between root-ball and inner pot? 'Spider.'

Flora. You're probably right about Aucuba's stems and leaf veins, but Aucuba's are sold as house plants..At least they are in IL. Although I never had an Aucuba in or outdoors. Don't know if they're hardy in z5, but indoors they're mite magnets, so didn't want to risk it.
Aucuba's are also listed as house plants in a few house plant books..

About C. nepalense...I agree they're rarer than other Chlorophytums, but one nursery I used to shop, worldplants, had them available. 3-4 yrs after purchase, it was skimpy so I tossed it.

Goddesses Chlorophytum looks identical to my nepalense. Toni

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Toni - I am interested in your C nepalense. Is the id absolutely certain? If so how did you manage to obtain it? Is it in commerce in the US? I've been researching it a bit here and it is quite rare and only available from specialists. It's hardy in the UK but sufficiently unusual for Edinburgh Botanic Gardens to feature it on their website as something special. It just seemed unlikely to me that this would be a plant found neglected in an office where it had been for years.

What do you think about the possibility that there is a scaly stem visible in the photo. Any thoughts?

Interesting that Aucubas are sold as house plants in the US. They are pretty hardy and I've never seen them offered here for indoor growing.

Here is a link that might be useful: C nepalense in Edinburgh

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Flora. Wish I had a picture, but I bought C. nep before I ever heard of Flickr or had a camera, lol.

Don't know if I can mention a nursery with dot com, but the name is 'world plants' located in OR. WP's is where I obtained C. nep.

Whenever I order/ed a plant online, especially rarer types, I'd Google for care, etc.
I never saw a nep before, but that didn't mean much, since at the time, the majority of my plants were bought here in IL. There's not much to choose from, basic plants. Pothos, etc. Because I'd never seen this type of Chlorophtum, 'same w/Fire Flash,' I Googled pic and care instructions.

I just emailed the owner of World Plants, asking if he'll have C. nepals available this summer.

Flora, forgive me but I don't know what you mean by scaly stem...I looked at the picture..didn't notice anything out of place. Can you describe what part of the plant you mean?
My eyes are not what they used to be, :(

Certain times of the year, stores dress small-size Aucubas up, place in decorative pots, then sell as gift plants.
One nursery, Clovers, is opened from Mar-Sept sells Aucuba as indoor-outdoor plants.
HD sometimes has them 'in the green house.'
They're sold as Bonsais, too.

I'll never forget my first house plant book. Hyponex. I wanted every plant from A-Z. lol. Hyponex included Aucuba, but explained, they can be grown as house plants, but wouldn't flower or berry indoors. They also went on to say when grown in a garden, Aucuba's can reach 10'. BTW, I have the book in front of me, lol.

Many plants we deem garden plants are now sold as house plants. Impatiens, Morning Glory, Coleus, etc. Toni

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I wish the OP would come back with a better picture so I can see if there really is a scaly stem there or whether I'm imagining it. If you look at the pot there are four main clumps of foliage. The one at bottom left which stretches out towards the bath looks to me as if it has a dark coloured scaly stem coming out over the edge of the pot before the leaves start. There also looks to be a bent stem at the back right of the pot.

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Sorry, guys. I work a lot and not able to respond when I want to...

There is no scale. My repot was horrendous so the stems protrude more than I would like. The leaves splayed like a fountain and look like a normal chlorophytum. I bet money that the plant was bought at a big box store years ago.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

goddess9, thanks for coming back. By scale I didn't mean scale insects, in case that was what you thought. I meant scales which are part of the stem. What is it I can see at the front left? I'm intrigued. Could you manage another picture more close up?

And can you tell us what the texture of leaves is. Are they soft and floppy or spiky and slightly stiff?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I've never seen a spider with a stem/stalk like that either. By no means am I an expert on them, but on every one I've seen, the leaves originate from under the soil line. This almost looks like some sort of palm but the foliage looks like a plain green Dracaena. Been curiously watching this discussion.

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I think all of this confusion is coming from my awful repot. If the pot were deeper, most of the "stem" would be hidden. I think I might have to seek a deeper pot.

I can take pictures when I get home. It's been a hectic week, but thanks for everyone's input!

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Flora.. Does Goddesses plant/stems, look similar to this plant?

Check the stems...Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Toni, What is THAT?

Circled what I am (and I think flora is) referring to. Don't think it's the same as your whatever-it-is, but...?

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I come bearing photos! Thanks for all of your patience.

This is what one stem looks like. I have never seen anything grow out of those quite like this. They all look like this.

Any other angles? Just let me know. I will actually be around tonight. :)


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Excellent! Now we can see those 'scaly stems' clearly. This thing looks rhizomatous. They look to me as if they should be on the surface not buried so I don't think there's a potting problem.

Do you know what purpleinopp? When I was squinting at the original photo I kept thinking Dracaena thoughts and then dismissing them, especially since I know nothing about them. But those new buds look very Dracaena like.

I now have no idea whatsoever what it is since the leaves do look like a Chlorophytum but the stems/rhizomes and new growth look like Dracaena. Could you see this as a really weedy D sanderiana?

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You guys would know better than I... The poor thing was in the hands of a non plant lover and it had been thirsty for a long time. I have put a little time into taking off dead leaves (still have work to do!) and it has rewarded me with lots of new growth.

Whatever it is, it has a will to live!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Awww, was hoping this would get figured out last night. You could take a pic of that from a certain angle & have people guessing it's a Hosta. Fun mystery!

Goddess, it looks incredibly happy and relieved. Well done! Did all of the new growth show up in 3 days or had you taken the original pics days before posting?

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Purple, this is what it looked like a few weeks ago:

I was like oh no! My boyfriend asked his coworker if I could save it and she asked me to just take it. Unfortunately, I don't have much floor space so it's in the bathroom with north light. It doesn't seem to mind, though. :) My TC next to it in one of these photos is starting to bud, as well.

Anyway! I'm pretty sure it's some run-of-the-mill Chlorophytum, but I'm mighty proud of it...bird impression and all.

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Purple, good question. I was given a cutting in 1994. The mother plant supposedly came from Poland. Location is questionable. New leaves are pure white, turn green with age.
Well, you can see how it

Did you know Steve Lucas? RIP. Steve researched my plant..he talked to folks who KNEW plants, came up with Pandanus.
I agreed, but still not convinced.
For one, this plant frowns upon full sun and drinks a lot more water than my true Pandanus/Screw Pine, even in shade.

One of Goddesses pics reminded me of my plant, but after viewing her new pics, I've concluded, they're a different family altogether.

Flora, I see how you came up w/Dracaena. In pic, dated March 22, the front plant looks exactly like a pruned Dracaena stem/trunk. However, new growth is a mystery.

Its leaves still look like C. nep. From leaf width to silver streak down the center.

Goddess..What an improvement! You did a great job fixing up that poor plant, whatever it may be. :) Toni

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

goddess9 - DH just saw what I was looking at and immediately said, 'Never mind the plant... what is that lovely building?'

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Did anyone else notice the similarities between this mystery plant and elkay's spider crawling out of the pot?

I spent an embarrassing amount of time the past week trying to find ONE pic of a spider plant that looked like goddess's plant with no luck. I tried to find a Dracaena, and Tradescantia that were a match, and even did searches for "grass house plant" and stuff like that since it also looks like it could be a grass rhizome to me. Then elkay posted the pic of her plant which looks just like goddess's, IMO. Maybe not the exact same spider, but the same type of growth. ???

I've had spider plants for over 30 years and have never seen one do this, but I certainly haven't had them all. I'm also prone to repotting (not potting up, don't worry, AL) about every year for container plants. Maybe if I left one alone for a few years it would do that? I'm starting to think not all spiders behave the way of the ones I've had.

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Purple, good luck..there's a little over 200 Chlorophytum species, not to mention Dracaenas and Trends lol. Toni

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Flora, my boyfriend works downtown and Philadelphia has some great, old buildings!

Purple, I hate feeling like I can't figure something out either. You have tenacity!

Toni, thanks for the compliment. :) I tried my best!

I have seen ferns with rhizomes like that...maybe it is feasible? The one stem growing hosta-looking sprouts certainly seems to fit the bill...


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