Green beans and japanese beetles ... are my plants doomed?

jen1996July 29, 2012

Hi all. I am having an awful time with japanese beetles getting my green bean plants. I have searched the forum and saw many use soapy water and just collect the beetles. I have been doing this (you can see a small blue bucket in the lower right). The bucket fills daily but they are ruthless. I cannot keep up with them.

I noticed tody the flowers seem to be weakening. They go from white to an off white and the seem to be dying.

I am trying to avoid chemicals. If the beetles keep it up, will beans still grow? Or are my plants doomed?

I am very temped to get the beetle bags but I have read to avoid ding this.

Anything else I can do?



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The good thing about Japanese beetles is that they feed on the leaves rather than the growing tips and flowers, so the plants keep producing. Most veggies including pole beans can tolerate losing one third of their leaves and still produce a good crop. The damage you have there is moderate, so keep up the hand picking. The number of beetles will naturally fall off sharply in another couple of weeks.

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Thank you fr your reply.
do you have any thoughts re the flowers? Is it normal that tgey weaken and discolor?

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We have (or had) plenty of JB. Actually, I would say your damage should be considered to be mimimal rather than moderate. Your plants look fine to me.

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The flower petals of most plants change color as they age. Not all of the flowers will set beans, but as nights become longer and cooler more of them will progress from blossom to bean. I'm in 6b-VA, and my Japanese beetles have definitely peaked and are on the wane.

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naturegirl_2007 5B SW Michigan(5B SW Michigan)

Many (most) bean flowers will not set beans when temperatures are high. When more moderate temps return many more of the flowers will develop into beans.

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There are bugs in my garden. Last year was a disaster with striped cucumber beetles and squash bugs. This year I planted more marigolds, borage and nasturtiums in among the veggies. I have some Japanese beetles. I noticed them first on some weeds. We have enough room to have a swath of weeds near the vegetable garden. The pea fences stay up all year and we have birds that love to sit on the fences and watch for insects. I don't know if I'm just lucky this year or the birds and weeds are helping with bug problems.

Check into Milky Spore. It is safe to use and only kills Japanese beetles and grubs and doesn't harm beneficial insects.

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