Money tree yellowing leaves

EParkMarch 13, 2013

Hello! Help! I recently repotted my money tree into a bigger pot in fear that it was soon to outgrow the current pot. Since then, these two branches have yellowing leaves that are beginning to fall off. Though the plant is sprouting new leaves on top. It has 5 braids, 1 braid at the base is soft and might be the pot too big? Is it in shock from moving? I repotted about 2 weeks ago, watered it then and haven't watered since then...please help, thank you!

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The pot doesn't look too big and if you just replaced the whole root-ball within the new pot and backfilled up to the same level as it was previously planted, moving shock should not be a problem.
It looks like a glazed ceramic pot - is it planted directly into that? What sort of drainage does it have?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Remove any soft, rotten trunks.


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Thank you for your responses! It is planted directly in the ceramic pot... There are small rocks at base of pot and a drainage hole in the middle..

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Josh, should I just clip the soft, rotten trunk and pull out of dirt without digging up the whole plant?

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