what herbs you use in eggplant???

jeanwedding(6 ky)August 6, 2010

I know this is no a cooking forum but you all are so knowledgeable and a diverse group of fellow gardeners.Been baking my eggplant almost everyday.

have gobs of cookbooks, too.

First used canned organic tomatoes. Hate thought of that BP in the cans. Yuck

Then pricey bottled diced tomato. Before my tomatoes came thru. Using my fresh potted basil. It good as is. But I also have potted parsley, Rosemary, oregano. and thyme. Salt is not needed cause basil is so yummy. Definitely no cheese. Even thought I used to eat cheese it by the handful.LOL

Have any of you all tried other seasonings herbs ???

Unfortunately my 12 or so eggplant plants have about done for. Weather and lack of me not fertilizing and those good for nothing ****** insects.

Suggestions yall???



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nygardener(z6 New York)

It really depends on the recipe. Try moussaka, ratatouille, baba ganoush (a/k/a "roasted eggplant dip"). Some interesting recipes here.

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pippimac(New Zealand)

Thyme for roasting type things, mint for Middle Eastern salady type things,and parsley for everything

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nancyjane_gardener(Zone 8ish North of San Francisco in the "real" wine country)

OOOOH! Thanks for the recipe site! I HOPE I get some eggplants this year! It's been SO COLD!

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dried oregano flowers. They have that extra spice that leaves do not have.

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As a serious eggplant afficionada, i do all the usual suspects: parmigiana, ratatouille, hummus, etc.

But I recently discovered a new idea I had never heard of before despite my rather large collection of diverse cookbooks: Dust eggplant wedges with mix of cinnamon and nutmeg powders, spray or oil baking dish with light olive oil, place eggplant wedges in baking dish, skin side down, and surround with whole garlic cloves (peeled or not) and onion slices or wedges. Optional addition of raisins. Dot very liberally with butter and bake.

I think this is a Turkish dish, but definitely Middle Eastern. Try and enjoy!

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mjmarco(Zone 6 Upstate NY)

I use the Tomato...sauce,sauce,sauce. Fry the EG put mozzarella,sauce sprinkle provolone cheese on top. Bake
it in the oven and...mangia!

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lantanascape(z6 Idaho)

I made a really nice eggplant dish just last night. Cut a large Black Beauty EP into 1/4" thick slices, layed them on baking sheets, brushed with olive oil and baked for ~20 minutes until tender, then layered them into a small backing dish with fresh tomato slices, oregano, pepper flakes, spinach (put a layer of tomatoes over the spinach and the moisture will help it wilt down and cook) and some mozzarella, with some salt, pepper and sheep's milk romano on top and baked at 350 for half an hour. We devoured it! I think it would be phenomenal with fresh basil, and you might be able to substitute in something like silken tofu if you really don't want any cheese in the dish.

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I have 7 eggplants and they produce OK. Here is the way I cook it. I cut it in circles. I soak it in salt and leave it on the kitchen counter for 2 hours. The salts drains the water from the fruit. I drain the water in the sink and wash it very good from any salt. The eggplant is fried in veg oil then I fry some Garlic, add some basil and diced tomato and let it cook for 5-10 minutes then pour the sauce over the eggplant. In season now I eat that every day.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Eggplant is also good with oriental seasoning: soy sauce, ginger, garlic, green onion, a pinch of sugar, rice wine or dry sherry, maybe some 5 spice and Rooster red chili pepper sauce.

It goes well with tofu combined with oriental seasoning.

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I never get a lot of eggplant at one time, so I stir fry it with other veggies. I make into an Italian dish.
Chop garlic
Chop eggplants in small bite
Heat Olive Oil in pan
Chop Onion
Chop Green or Red Pepper
Chop Onion
Chop quite a bit of Zucchini
Have a nice Italian Herb mix ready
Oh---and a tomato, chopped
last but not least, fresh basil if you have it, chopped
When the oil is ready add the eggplant and garlic. Stir fry eggplant first because it takes longer than zucchini. This all depends on how fresh and how large or small your chop is. (Remembering that you will be stir frying all the other veggies next) You just have to practice, but, of course, it's not hard.
Now---when you think it's time, add everything else, including the nice Italian spice mix.
Stir fry until it is done to your liking.
Optional: Turn heat to low and add a nice cheese over the top until melted, remove and serve (out of the pan)Yum
If you use a non-stick pan you don't have to use much oil.

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bluebirdie(Z8 SF E Bay)

I frequently cook up what beebonnet wrote plus variations. One is the beebonnet version with Italian seasoning. The other one is to to replace Italian seasoning with curry powder (I use McCormick's). Also try replacing Italian seasoning with lots of Basil and Chinese Hoisin sauce or Chinese Oyster sauce (with no cheese or tomato).

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