Parris Island Cos (Lettuce) -- halp!

nightrun86August 26, 2013

Hey folks,

I've been (trying to) grow lettuce unsuccessfully throughout the summer, maybe i should chalk this up to the heat, but perhaps someone here has some input.

The attached picture is of Parris Island Cos (Romaine) Lettuce, approximately 3 weeks old, and they aren't anywhere near "thriving."

They remain indoors 24/7, and are exposed to two lights. One cool (2700k) and one daylight (6500k) 23W 100W Equivalent CFL bulbs. The lights are suspended ~5 inches above the plants for ~14 hours a day; the rest of the day, they're put in a dark region of the house.

I have a small fan set to low simulating a small breeze and hopefully prevent any type of damping off from occurring.

The soil is home-made, 1/3 coconut coir, 1/3 horticulture sand, 1/3 organic compost all mixed up and baked in the oven until it was pasteurized.

they're watered every other day via bottom feed. and top fed a small bit of water individually twice daily. The soil is never wet, and dries out fairly quickly.

The temperature indoors has never exceeded 80�F, under lights it sits around 72-77�F and during simulated night they sit around 65�F.

Any ideas here folks? I'm a bit frustrated, I've never babied plants so much in my life to see them in such a poor state of being. Thanks in advance.

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Insufficient light. But I've seen a lot worse.

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Avocado101(9A Southern California)

Lettuces are not grown in Summer. Please see below link.

Personally I only grow Romaine Lettuce, aka Cos Lettuce. I grow them from Fall to Winter and Spring. In Southern California, we don't get any freeze... well some.. but not a lot. I've never started them indoors; I always had sown them directly in-ground.

Not sure how cold it gets up where you are. But Summer isn't the time to grow lettuce. And they don't really need much TLC. Possibly you're over doing it?

If you want to grow them indoors, then get a pot (about 3 to 5 gallon sized) with water retainer on the bottom. Put it next to a window where it will get enough sunlight.

Here is a link that might be useful: lettuce growing

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"Lettuces are not grown in Summer" That's rather a categorical statement. It depends where you live, what your climate is like and which varieties you choose. In many climates they can be grown throughout the summer.

Nightrun86's seedlings just look etiolated to me. ie they need more light. I'd be interested to know what his/her outdoor temps are at the moment. Maybe they don't need to be inside at all?

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