My peace lily must hate me

katsols(7b)March 3, 2013

I've had my peace lily for 3 years or so and since i got it, it hasn't flowered for me once. I grew it in miracle gro soil. When it started getting a bit too big i detached two little ones and gave it to my boyfriend. It got so big now and guess what.. it has a pretty flower about to open.. he had it since last summer and he already got it to flower somehow. I was upset because he only liked it for the leaves he had no idea they flowered.
He keeps it in similar conditions as mine, except my room is warmer and i keep mine in a clay pot and i have different soil.
I might try repotting it this spring with the same soil he has.

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As far as I know peace lillies bloom more when pot bound so if you want it to bloom then switching to a bigger pot mostly likely wont help. Also, a little drought, done properly, can encourage flowering. Also, it needs enough sun. A burst of new sun can encourage it too... Have you fed it any minerals in the past few months? That might help as well.

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i have, but my boyfriend doesn't feed it at all but it gets very early morning direct sun. My windows dont get morning direct sun but afternoon. =\ o well.. we'll see how it goes hehe, i can just enjoy his.

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

can you show a photo of your peace lily. im struggling to get ine to grow healthy lush leaves as well as flowers. mine is kinda free flowering

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