I must be doing something right

Lamora(4)March 23, 2012

for a change-- ;)

My Rope Hoya is getting new leaves on the top, I was kinda hoping for flowers, but I think they are just leaves.

My Spider staters are growing like a weed now.

My Brasil has so many new leaves on it I don't know what to do with them, (still want it bushy- not viney)

The little Potho has a few new leaves on it too!!

My Tilla something or other (lol) is still getting flowers on it about every 3 days or so, still no sign of another one popping up anytime soon tho.

My big Momma Spider is doing real good, altho the shoots are not growing long, but the babies on them are growing real nice. Should I be concerned about the shoots not getting long? It just seems strange to me that they are so short.

But anyway-- just an update and a THANK YOU to EVERYONE that helped me out!! You are all so very much apprecieated.


(now to get some money up for some more plants!! ;))

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

For other than winter growers, most plants really pick up (growth) speed once the daylight period is longer than the dark period (vernal equinox).

Don't worry so much about growth ..... unless it's stalled, which is a symptom of other problems. Instead, be more concerned about health. Plants grow - that's what THEY do; keeping them healthy is more difficult and something YOU get the credit for. A growing plant doesn't say much about the grower other than he/she can keep the plant alive, but a healthy plant speaks volumes.

Good luck, Margie.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

What pls. is your "Brasil"?

It's the country in which I was raised & I know you didn't grow it. It's confusing to me when you say this, I'd ask you to pls. tell the plant's actual name so we can know what you're talking about pls.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Pirate girl, her plant is a Philodendron hybrid, and is listed as Philodendron 'Brasil'. I believe that it is a P. scandens cross, but can't remember right off the top of my head. It is properly spelled 'Brasil'.

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Yes-- longer days are a good thing, not only for plants either! Now if only the sun would make more of an appearance.

Pirate-- I'm sorry about the confusion.. I'm a simpleton, I don't remember names too well so I go for the simplest name I can and hope that others will know what I am talking about.. I am trying to do better tho. I have them written down.. somewhere.. in this mess.. of my desk. Will have to look for them tomorrow and put them where I can easily get to them... but that means.. cleaning my desk?? eewww.. lol.

Al- how do you know if a plant has "stalled"? What would I be looking for and what causes it? Just wondering is all. My Spidy is healthy as far as I know. :) Just the shoots are not getting long.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

The main reason plants 'stall' is tight roots, so if you're not seeing growth when the plant should normally be growing, suspect a problem. For most plants, if you cant see they're putting on growth or mass after Memorial Day, I'd start to get suspicious & wonder why. It may be that the plant is a winter grower or it could be that the plant grows in a leap-frog fashion, first allocating energy to root growth, then switching to top growth in spurts. Citrus is like that.

The other reason for stalled growth would be poor root health, but in most plants that is usually accompanied by symptoms additional to the stalled growth.


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Marj, has your mom Spider produced off-shoots in the past? If so, were they longer than they are now?
Just curious, Toni

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Toni- yes she had some long shoots in the past, but they broke off from either me moving it or the cat playing with them. All of them!! Then winter hit so I wasn't to worried about them getting long. She only has maybe 4 shoots, and they have at least 3 plants on them, the babies are growing and some have small roots, the shoots are just not getting long. I cannot tell if they are the same shoots that broke or not.(I think they are tho) If they are, will they grow long in time? Come to think of it, the plant itself doesn't seem to be getting bigger either. Very full, green still tho, only 4 dead leaves in the soil this morning, but I think that would be normal for this plant?

I took a real good look at it this morning, I didn't see any new shoots. Would repotting her help? I don't think she is root-bound yet, I haven't seen any roots from the holes. Other that the shoots not getting long- she looks pretty healty to me, but this is me we are talking about.;)

But I have seem roots in the holes in the pot of my Broomliad Tillandsra (I think that is right) Is it time to repot her? She is still in the pot and soil she came with.


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