Toni/Chicago area peeps - Pesche's prices

MojaveLove(5 - IL)March 14, 2011

I stopped by Pesche's today. I told Toni I would check out prices for her next time I was there. Hoo boy.

I've only bought two 4" house plants and they were more expensive than at HD but only a few bucks. They were in way better shape too, which is why I shrugged at the cost. Every 4" plant seems to be $7 - ferns, Hoyas, succulents, anything you would have in your house. They had sensitive plants there too, I probably looked mental being so amused poking a plant!

6" plants range from $13-$20, maybe even more, depending on what it is.

After that things just get crazy. Anything large-ish in a hanging pot is $25 or more - but I did see Hoya carnosa with peduncles! But I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on it.

There are two large Jade trees for $120 each lol

In terms of succulents - they had 6" of living rocks, all types of Jades, some stuff I didn't know what they were (spiky), those green and white dotted Hawortia, and all kinds of Hen and Chick types which I don't like. Still no Gasteria ugh!

What really killed me was the price of Orchids. I'll give it that they were pretty and SOME were big, but they were $50!!!! I could order an orchid from a grower AND pay shipping for way less. Crazy stuff.

Toni, I checked out the plastic pots, I'd say they're comparable to anywhere else though they do have some fancy looking ones that are swirly and stuff.

Now, I really hate to say all bad things about a local business. I have to say they're extremely nice and helpful and know more about their stuff than the average garden shop. They also take really good care of their plants. You can easily find happy healthy plants there and not worry it is about to die. Plus they have all kinds of really cute house decor, but that doesn't have to do with plants :)

Anyway, I'd still buy small plants there but the big ones no way. I even saw a (granted it was huge) Sans for $50.

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Lord, their prices are a tad high. lol

I'd pay 7.00 for a 4" if the plant is rare, something I can't find anywhere else.

Forget larger sizes, lol..

120.00 for a Jade? I'll take ten. lol..What size pot are they in? Why so much?
I love Jades, but I'd like dofferemt colors..either variegated or deep red and yellow. you know their types? Phalaenopsis, the least expensive Orchid, in a 4" pot, can be found as low as 7.99. It depends.

There are quite a few Orchid sellers on Ebay, from common to extremely rare. Prices vary, depending on type and size. Orchids can be really pricey. Several hundred dollars and more. lol.

Thanks so much, Mojave. I'm glad you made it there.

BTW, what two house plants did you get? If you don't know their names, can you post a pic?

Most of my plant are either in clay or growing pots, most plants are sold in. Ornamental containers are pretty, but I think plants do best in gowing pots.

Thanks again...please post pics..Toni

PS. Have you ever gone to Hausermann's Orchids?

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