'Ming Aralia'

sjbaby(4)March 21, 2014

It took me awhile to figure out exactly which 'Ming Aralia' I purchased, but it's called 'Snowflake.' i read some back posts but they werent to clear, any advice?

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What you have is known as Polyscias fruticosa.

I owned a 'Snowflake' for a little while.

They enjoy humidity, so place them on a pebble tray (I didn't mist mine, didn't seem to mind just the humidity from the pebble tray).

To keep them from getting leggy, bright light is suggested. I had mine about a foot away or so from a South window. It got afternoon sun with no problem.

They don't like to be wet whatsoever (no houseplant wants to be wet though). You will want to allow it to dry out almost completely (don't let it dry out completely, but don't keep it as regularly moist as you would other houseplants that want to stay moist all the time).

It might throw a diva fit and lose leaves, I think I read this can happen in the winter (maybe something to do with the change in the amount of sunlight). It will re-sprout again so it's not dead.

I don't know much about keeping them bushy, mine was like 4 inches tall and bushy enough at the time. I believe you can prune them back to induce bushiness over time, but I won't advise you on how to do that.

I hope this is helpful.


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