I hate being BORED!!

Lamora(4)March 9, 2012

All I want to do is "stuff" to my plants!! lol. It is going to go off cold and wet here-- again. From the sounds of it, it is going to last till the end of the month. No money, no gas for the car, nothing to do.. I can't do much with my dog when it is wet out. (poor Sadie) So I just think about what I can do "to" my plants!!

I need a life. :/ (sigh)


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Lamora, I suggest that you try your hand at vegetative propagation. It is inexpensive, interesting and can make you some money over the long haul.

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Hi....rainy days...a good time to go to green houses, and wander around and hear the rain on the big canopy.....
I used to work at a green house, rainy days were the best to hear the rain on the canopy was great...
also good days to go thrift shops and look for new pots and things to plant in....
but then a month is a long time to hear the rain, and its not fun with the cold...
but it is fun to search for new planting things....
just a couple of ideas.....linda

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It is "misting" outside right now. lol not raining just misting.

ronalawn- I have actually started with my "Brail" plant. I want it to be full and bushy so I have taken some starters off and put them with the mommy plant. Still has a long ways to go, but it will get there. I also have a few spider babies growing in different pots. Still learning but having fun with it.

linda- that sounds like fun, just listening to the "mist" I think I will take a little walk in the rain today, maybe I will feel better. Shopping would be so much funner if I had money, but it sounds nice anyway. There are a lot of thrift shops here too! :)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Uh Oh! Don't be one of those people who end up killing their plants with kindness! We've only seen a few million of those here in the forums, lol!

(I'm just kidding.....mostly!)

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I thought the same thing. That happens a LOT too, when someone has 1 or 2 bonsai trees. They fuss over them terribly - snip a little here, snip a little there ..... pretty soon they're all snipped to death. Marjie sounds like a real go-getter, so it might be hard for her to channel her extra energy toward the learning end of growing instead of the doing end of it, but I think that will pay really big dividends in the end. Just my view .....

OR - to ease the ennui, she could take a vacation in MI and learn how to repot. I'll provide the plant material, the music (like classical?), and her favorite tea or other beverage, and all the hands-on experience she can tolerate. ;-) In return, she'll end up with repotting confidence to spare - sort of on the job training.


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Hey Al-- sounds like a plan! You buying the ticket?? lol. I would love to just pack up and go.. ;) And yes-- hands on is a lot easier for me to learn stuff..

I haven't killed my plants yet with kindness-- yet.. lol, but I could... very easily. I'm trying to be careful. sorta.. maybe.. will see what happens..


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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

We're really cutting back on the spending money thing, here is what I do when I'm really bored. I don't even have a dog to play with :(

- Visit antique shops - interesting stuff that most likely I won't want to buy
- Visit greenhouses - admittedly I usually spend about $10 here lol
- Get involved in my backyard birding, which has been really fun the last few days with the spring migration (like right now a female house finch landed at my feeder and was peering at me around it to make sure I wasn't trying to eat her, and now the sparrows are attacking her to go away lol)
- Learn about the native birds and plants that are around me
- Visit state parks and go hiking/walking (wouldn't recommend doing this alone for safety issues)

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Vist a conservatory..Indoors. Every month different plants are in flower.

Look for inexpensive plants at local grocery stores, big box stores and nurseries.

Go to Ebay and check their plants. Or other online nurseries. I've got a list you can browse through.

Buy or borrow/library plant books. Study pictures, and read their history and care.

This isn't plant related, but I enjoy reading a good mystery or suspense. Even horror, Steven King, etc.

If you love pets buy a small bird..but only if you plan on spending time and teaching. I recommend Cockatiels.

Last resort, watch tv. lol. On weekends, there's a few plant shows, shown..:)

You tube has some great vids. Even plant related. Toni

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

I noticed you said TV plant shows? Like where do you find them anymore? Every Home and Garden shoe now is about repairing old houses with millions of dollars nobody has. or Cooking instead of growing. I remember the old shows where they visited nurseries and arboretums and such. Where have they all gone? Or how about the Victory Garden with Roger something. Now they were great shows.

As far as being bored, I love to look up stuff on the internet. Lots of information and cost nothing. I hate stuff like facebook or even some forums that you end up giving too much of yourself out there to the world. We need friends face to face like the old days. Nothing like a good friend to talk to and go out with.

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