Sugar Snap Peas Fall Crop in IA

benmca13(5a)August 10, 2012

When do I plant sugar snap peas in zone 5a in Iowa? I want to do them as a fall crop this year? It's my first time growing them. Do you think a tomato cage would work to grow them? Or is that not a good trellis?

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Don't know. When is your first frost? Might be too late for you.

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About three weeks ago.

You might try a dwarf like Sugar Ann that is a good 10-15 days earlier to bear. Still, get them planted ASAP.

Or just go ahead and try the regular Sugar Snaps. You could probably just cover them if you have really cold nights in October and try to get them through.

And, with this crazy weather and the long term forecast showing a big bubble of much above normal temps through the winter in the upper Midwest, this is probably a great year to experiment with late crops anyway. So even though it's late, the odds are better than average that you might get something.

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The really quick peas are short vined, so they won't need a tall trellis. I put in a couple of rows this week, for October harvest. The tall vines take longer to bear.

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