Harvesting Gourds

mirromereAugust 1, 2012

How do you know when to harvest gourds? The name of the gourds I've grown are called small warted mix. The are all orange/yellow in color. I basically grew them for decoration at Thanksgiving time. If I were to harvest them now, would they last until then. And if so, is there something that you do to cure them or extend how long they last? Thank you.

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With ornamental gourds like that you can harvest once the tendril closest to the gourd turns completely brown. If you were to pick now you'd probably lose some before Thanksgiving , but by no means all. Because of their hard rinds gourds can last a fairly long time on the vine after they are ripe, however you risk those vibrant colors fading. After harvest you can cure them similar to how you would a pumpkin. Basically just leave them outside for a week or so on warm, dry days. Harvesting will also encourage more gourd production.

So you can pick them now if they are ripe or leave them on the plants until you need them. Either method works and has pros and cons. Personally I pick them as soon as they are ripe.

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