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SummersoffMarch 23, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I have a plant that sits in the bathroom. I have seen way bigger versions of it, and I think maybe I can repot it and continue to grow it into a big plant for the living room. It sits in the humid bathroom and despite having no natural light, it continues to grow. Question, is this a version of the bigger plant, and can it grow into a big plant. Also what's the name?

Here's the pic:

And, the plant ID is for this next one. I bought it for 2 bucks. Is this a Lucky Bamboo? Can I repot it to make it grow bigger? It looks like a smaller version of the Corn Plant I have:

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Your first plant looks like a "Parlor Palm" aka Neanthe Bella Palm.
Your second plant does look liek some kind of dracaena - which corn plant and lucky bamboo both are. I can't tell for sure which exact kind it is but the foliage doesn't look quite right for lucky bamboo.

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I believe the plant you have in the first photo is Chamaedorea elegans, also known as Parlor Palm. As to if it will grow into a larger palm from it's current size, I cannot say (I do not know that much about this particular plant, but at least a name will help you if you want to research it online).

As to the second photo, I saw one of these just the other day, I don't remember what it stated the species was, but it is a species of Dracaena, I think it might be Dracaena sanderiana, which is also known as Lucky Bamboo. Lucky Bamboo as you mentioned, is also a species of Dracaena, not bamboo as some people think. It looks to me that the stems present on this plant are stems of the plant itself, but its top growth (leaves) has been stunted (by growing the plant so its stems become a certain thickness and then chopping off the top section of growth, causing new "shoots" to form at the tops, creating the foliage you see). To me, it looks like a really thick version of Lucky Bamboo, which makes me think it might be Dracaena sanderiana. It is similar to your Corn Plant, which is also a species of Dracaena (usually Dracaena fragrans). However, your Corn plant is not growing on its original stem (see below).

Just some information on your Corn plant in case you didn't know but were interested: It is a piece of cane rooted in the soil (the foliage on top of the corn plant is the Dracaena fragrans) with some Dracaena "grafted" or "air layered"-- I don't know exactly how they do it-- into the cane which creates what you see and know as a Corn Plant.

I hope this information has been helpful.


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Sorry for the redundancy, I should have checked before submitting (It took me a while to word my post just right). Now that summersunshine has commented, I am looking at the foliage on your second photo again and I agree, it doesn't look quite the same (I should have been a little more thorough in looking at that and comparing it to Dracaena sanderiana, that is my fault) as Lucky Bamboo. If anything, I hope the information on the Lucky Bamboo was interesting... although also redundant hehe. On a different note, I like your Snake plant!


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First plant is Chamaedorea elegans, the Neanthe Bella Palm or Parlour Palm. They are slow growing, can reach 6 feet.

The second one looks like Dracaena to me, not sure if it is Lucky Bamboo however, which is also a Dracaena. The soil looks poor on this one, need to repot in better mix.


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Thank you everyone, I have a lot to go on!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

This plant was about the size of yours when I got it, somewhere around 15 yrs. ago.

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15 years? lol wow I have to wait a while, huh?

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You're welcome. :)

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Summersoff. Most Palms are slow-growing..Parlor Palm isn't any different. It might even take a little longer to grow since it's not getting natural sunlight.

Your Dracaena is very unique. And what a bargain! Toni

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Hey guys, my Lucky Bamboo, or the 2nd picture above, the Dracanena, can I plant that in a bigger pot and will it grow up tall like my corn plant that is maybe 4 feet now?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

What kind of light in in your bathroom? I didn't even notice that part of what you said the first time. Although this plant burns easily, I've always put mine outside for the summer. The past 5 years, it's been next to my front door on south-facing covered porch. No direct sun except very early AM and PM, but LOTS of bright, indirect light. (And, of course, it's always humid in AL!) In the winter it lives as close to a south window as it can get (2nd row, behind those that needed more sun) so it getts AM sun, weak winter rays.

Sorry, I don't know enough about lucky bamboo to advise you. There is a lucky bamboo forum but it's kinda slow, so hopefully someone here will know. Generally, though, any plant not getting enough light will not grow much. Your plant certainly looks like it's "rarin' to go"!

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